Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gothmog - Aeons Of Deception (2012)

Searching deep through Spains underground heavy metal scene, I have come across a vicious group by the name Gothmog. The band lists themselves as black death metal but they definitely have a lot of keyboards and strings that also put them into a darker gothic sound. They have just released their new album, entitled “Aeons Of Deception.” You’ll find nothing but devilish guitar riffs and booming drums filled with complex patterns. The vocals jump all around from black metal screams to deathly growls to even clean singing and chanting.

The album opens with gothic strings that fill the air with haunting sounds as jaw dropping drums quickly enter with exploding fills. Cymbals are crashing left and right as you’re beaten down by toms and snares. Devilish black metal vocals consume you during the verses with demonic lyrics. Strings continue to float softly in the background as monstrous guitar riffs electrify you with intense melodies. The include a small piano solo in the middle of the song throwing a softer dark side at you. The notes hypnotize you deeper into the song until you’re greeted with more evil screams. And if this doesn’t knock you on you’re ass then the beginning of “Escape To Nowhere” will. It’s wall of detailed drum rolls blast heavily from all directions with relentless snares that snap rapidly along with deep double bass pedals that rumble heavily beneath you. Evil keyboards take over the background providing a more symphonic black metal sound. Meanwhile the vocals come in with screechy screams that’ll have you shake with fear. They include a thrashing breakdown full of fast melodies and yet heavy chugging chords at the same time. This will have you up and moshing for sure. It definitely holds out to be one of the most violent ending on the entire album.

“Beyond The Mist Of Time” and “Deathbringer” continue to crash down on you violently with fierce guitar work. The tempo of the guitars keep you on you’re heals at all time. They even switch up the lyrics in certain areas giving you some clean singing vocals and also some death metal growls. It definitely adds some flare to the tracks. You’re met with a chanting choir in the song “Aeons Of Deception” as you’ll find the tempos to be slow and calm. Demonic growls mix back and forth with blackened screams as the verses are kept in a steady pace with the slower double bass pedal patterns. Wicked guitar riffs join in later with wild melodies and the drums begin to pick it up with detail in each riff. There are a few spoken words towards the end of the track continuing the story they tell. The it goes right back to venomous growls as the some comes to a close.

The unique thing about “The Bargain Struck” is how the song stays dark and aggressive with dominating double bass pedals and vicious forms of black metal screams and death metal growls and yet completely changes the mood of the song in the guitar solo towards the middle of the track. This really catches you off guard as you’re greeted with a soothing emotional guitar solo with gorgeous melodies as the wild double bass pedals continue to pound away in the background. The structure alone will have you hitting the replay button as you slowly embrace all of the different elements that it offers.

Another must hear track is the magnificent “Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Unnumbered Tears).” This six minute and forty second masterpiece surrounds you with eerie strings and punishing drums rolls throughout the entire track. The guitar riffs chug away with incredible fast speeds following the complex drum fills that follow in between. The verses fill the air with fiery black metal screams and evil growls that’ll make you shit yourself. The middle of the song turns into this epic track as the strings take over with dark gorgeous sounds. They are quickly accompanied by haunting chanting vocals that’ll send chills down you’re spine. This song is both vicious and beautiful at the same time with its constant aggressive screams and ravishing strings and keyboards. You definitely don’t want to skip this track.

“Aeons Of Deception” is full of dark surprises as you come across mixed vocals, perfectly performed in every way, and well balanced instruments. Between the pulverizing guitars and breath taking drum patterns you wouldn’t think there’d be any room for gorgeous piano solos and angelic strings and keyboards. Gothmog manages to give you everything and more. This is definitely an album worth checking out.


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