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The Podcast: Episode 64 (Return of the podcast?) (12/30)

As we put the year 2012 to bed, it would seem an appropriate time to start anew. After nearly three months away from the mic, Darrell returns with a message about the year that has gone by, the year that lies ahead, and Sorrow Eternal as it stands before you today.

The Podcast - Episode 63 (Nightwish, what are you doing? Nightwish... stahp) (10/7)

After the news comes out that Annette Olzen has left (or been removed from) Nightwish, we decide to ponder not only where they turn to next, but where all bands must do when a main member, or face of a band, must be replaced. Darrell had an opportunity to witness greatest live when he caught the latest Katatonia headlining date in New York City. But it wasn't Katatonia that stole the show. You might not even know who the true dominant force on the Irving Plaza stage was...

The Podcast: Episode 62 (Elvensiferum... er, uh.... Ensiferuking) (9/30)

Band Of The Month time again, or BOTM for those in the know. First, there is the matter of reviews. Justin's love of Abraham, the band, and Darrell's subsequent praise for Unleash The Archers starts things off. Normally, we agree on our band of the month nominee. But this month, the vote was split. So, we take two bands who have seemingly nothing in common, and split the award. One thing is for sure, both of them have a clear shot at our "Album Of The Year" honors.

The Podcast: Episode 61 (We really hate terrible metal) (9/23)

After a few weeks of great reviews and great topics, we decided it was time to take a moment to focus on the worst that metal has to offer. We didn't want to cloud our message, or soften the blow. So, without further ado, here are the worst bands in metal today.

The Podcast: Episode 60 (Ejaculating fire? Call an ambulance!) (9/16)

This week, on a very special episode of Sorrow Eternal, Darrell wants you to listen to the new Blizzard At Sea EP, "Individuation," and donate money to their Kickstarter drive. Justin waited for the 15th Devin Townsend album to finally get on board, but "Epicloud" was well worth the wait. And with a new Dethklok single out, and album due out in 4 short weeks, and so many other things going on, we take a few minutes to return to a segment we call "Random Shit."

The Podcast: Episode 59 (Production 101 is now in session) (9/9)

Justin talks all things APVTH, while Darrell has some high praise for Italy's Wind Rose. But more importantly, we honor the fact that school is back in session. With the kids, young and old, back in class for September, we decide to hold our own lecture about what it means to have good, or bad, production values. Some albums can be perfected with precise mixing or mastering. And some become just plain awful.

The Podcast: Episode 58 (Night Is The Great Cold Dead End) (9/2)

A few wires got crossed, and the team of Jason and Darnell got the wrong time slot for "R&B and Hippity Hop Today." Once that gets cleared up, Justin takes on the new album from DarkTribe (one word), and Darrell dives head first into the new EP from UK favorites Arke. But, as usual, the first podcast of the new month is dedicated to the new BOTM (remember, abbreviation now). So, with a new album in stores now, a huge tour about to get underway, and a back catalog that dwarfs most, September is the month of...

The Podcast: Episode 57 (You have to be kidding me with this "doomwave" shit)(8/26)

Darrell has a new Katatonia album on the brain. It seems like an eternity between albums. But "Dead End Kings" doesn't disappoint. On the other hand, Dammerfarben took just 15 months to craft their latest masterpiece. Justin wanted to give you reason to listen to Viter not once, but three times. And while Tacit Fury maybe be your average, run of the mill death metal band, they are far from bad. Unfortunately, a new style of music is shitty enough to keep us angry for days. Have you guys heard "doomwave"? Listen to the first single by Blood Sugar Summer, and you'll see why this new subgenre of "metal" has us really pissed off.

The Podcast: Episode 56 (Sorrow Eternal Rises) (8/19)

After a prolonged absence from the audio world (one week, to be exact), our heroes return to discuss heavy metal music. Justin is a lazy douche sometimes, proven by the fact that he waited this long to review a new Gojira offering, one that he knew would be awesome. Darrell, on the other hand, got in on the ground floor of a great new melodic death metal band called Lyceum. Then, it's a RESPECT issue. No, nothing to do with Emmure and their shitty music. But when a festival combines bands both old and new, there has to be a level of respect for those who came before... right? Justin's experience at the New Jersey date of the Mayhem Festival seems to indicate otherwise. Slipknot and Asking Alexandria sharing a stage with Slayer and Motorhead?

The Podcast: Episode 55 (Take my Band Of The Month away...) (8/5)
Can you believe we are in August already? Fuck. Alas, it is time to select our new Band Of The Month. First, Justin thinks he is a bad ass, and wants to talk about the new Testament album "Dark Roots Of Earth." Darrell is less of a bad ass, but still has a few things to say about the new Officium Triste and Ophis split, "Immersed." Our new BOTM, which is what we will call it from now on, just to please fans of bands like BTBAM, is upon us. Who could it be.....?

The Podcast: Episode 54 (Clever title goes here) (7/29)

Another week, another undisclosed location for the podcast. As the apocalypse rains down from the sky, we brave the elements to talk about some of the reviews for the past week. Justin travels to Germany for Leviathan, and up to Norway for classic power metal from Cyclophonia. Darrell goes back to Italy for Kalidia, and all the way to Ukraine for the death/doom assault of Edenian. Every week we see more and more great releases, eh?

The Podcast: Episode 53 (No time for apolgisex) (7/22)

This whole "undisclosed location" thing is starting to get out of hand. Tonight, we sat in a massive warehouse, metal ceilings and all, to talk about some of the metal we listened to last week. Justin is head over heels for Inborn Suffering, and perfectly content with the new album by Soundcrawler. And while Darrell wasn't blown away by the latest material from Agalloch, Minnesota's Earthrise gave him cause for hope. And so, as the latest season of Metalocalypse comes to a close, what is next for Dethklok, and for Brendon Small's brainchild?

The Podcast: Episode 52 (A long time ago, on a podcast far, far away...) (7/15)

As we mention, we have been busy as shit. With two "Best Of" lists in the can, we come back to talk about more reviews that you need to hear. Justin talks symphonic black metal with Sinister Frost, the terrible vocals of Bonded By Blood, and the eighth studio album by Sweden's Vintersorg. Darrell, on the other hand, raves about the new look of Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, the space inspired stoner doom of Gorgantherron, and our favorite quadrophonic act KONG. Then, the guys come together to talk about an album that surprised and impressed them. The two discs of "Yellow & Green," the latest album from Baroness, weren't what we expected. But hot damn, they are awesome.

The Best EPs of 2012... So Far (7/8)

Sure, full length albums were all we included in our Top 10 lists. But there have been a ton of great EPs this year that really deserve mention. We sit back and discuss some of the best and brightest, new bands and old, who put out some great short form records in 2012.

The Top 10 Albums Of 2012... So Far (7/1)

So, the first half of the year is over. And yes, like every other year, 2012 has been a great year for metal. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 albums of the first half of the year. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with ratings or reviews, but everything to do with our personal enjoyment of each album. No EPs, only full length albums. Go ahead and bitch, motherfuckers. These are our lists.

The Podcast: Episode 51 (Memories of a Top 10 list gone by...) (6/17)

With our Top 10 lists for the first half of the year looming, we decided to take a look back at the lists that ended 2011. How do we feel about the albums we chose, their order, and how much do we listen to them today? I know, you are on the edge of your seat. Check it out, and hear for yourself!

The Podcast: Episode 50 (Lotus Circle is NOT a good band) (6/10)

Jellybean, jellybean, jellybean. Last year, when Justin's birthday rolled around, we dedicated an entire episode to his new found love of black metal. Well, fuck that. This year, we are gonna talk about some reviews. Ya know, like always. Justin takes a look back at his reviews of Fear Factory, Candlemass, and Lotus Circle. Two are good, one is not good. Guess which one. Darrell talks Vallendusk, Earthmass, and the debut EP from Deimos. Some good, some great, and some shitty. Damn, metal is awesome.

The Podcast: Episode 49 (A Fist(er) right in the ass) (6/3)

We seem to be coming up to the halfway point of the year, with July only four slim weeks away. So, we are nearing the final push for our first half "Top 10" lists. With another strong week, it will soon get even more difficult to narrow down the candidates. This week, Darrell adds Sam Locke and Nightmare to his ballot, while Justin gets down and dirty with the latest Burzum album from Varg Vikernes, and Greek outfit Litrosis. Our final Band Of The Month for the first half has arrived, and they can, and will, knock your teeth out.

The Podcast: Episode 48 (A Sabbath without a Ward...) (5/27)

Are you ready for some fun, and hilarious music conversation?! Well, look elsewhere pal! No, wait, stay here. We each poke around with one review this week. Darrell talks about his new discovery of an old band, Dark Tranquility, and Justin gives a little review of the latest nautical doom stylings of Ahab. Then we talk Sabbath, again. This whole mess with Bill Ward has gotten out of hand. Time to weigh in. And can someone get Guiness on the phone? Darrell may have taken the world's quickest shit... and didn't wipe.

The Podcast: Episode 47 (This is a podcast about metal music) (5/20)

God damn, we have had some great new releases over the last few weeks. What better time than now to catch up. Darrell hits home runs with Skyharbor, Fister, and Sonata Arctica, while Justin had some strong releases from Deathlehem, Winter Gate, and Several Union. Spread the word, and get on these albums right away!

Episode 46 (International House Of Metal...IHOM?) (5/13)

The longer we do this site, the more we realize that metal truly is the global musical genre. Sure, Italy has supplied a great number of bands to our ears. Same goes for Finland, Sweden, and Germany. But the reach of metal music has gone so far beyond that. With bands coming out of Canada, India, Cyprus, Australia and Belgium, you never know where the next big stars could come from. We invite Chester back to talk global metal. To Antarctica and beyond!

Episode 45 (Galaktikon? I barely know her!) (5/6)

Another month has gone by, and we have done enough reviews to choke a camel. This week, we have something on our minds. And that something, ladies and gentlemen, is our new band of the month for May, 2012. I am getting ahead of myself. First, Justin wants to say a few words about Cannibal Corpse and Teodasia. Darrell, on the other hand, has some things to say pertaining to Storm Corrosion and Brendon Small's Galaktikon. But who, then, will be the band of the month? Oh, the suspense!

Episode 44 (I don't care about reviews, I only care about guitar!) (4/22)

Yes, for those of you who caught it, the title is, in fact, stolen from Brendon Small's "Home Movies." A while back, we discussed some of the drummers that stand out from the pack. And while the men with the sticks mind be the ones to drop the beat, the guys with the guitars in hand are the ones that keep us on the edge of our seats. We take this opportunity to talk about some of our favorite axe men. From Akerfeldt to Loomis, Wylde to Small, these guys know how to rip, wail, and shred their way to glory.

Episode 43 (M is for Metal) (4/22)

We have had our fair share of amazing albums to reviews lately, and what better time than right now to talk about them! While Darrell found himself floating in a sea of Jeff Loomis, Cyclopian, Balam and Borknagar, Justin took a different route. His reviews of Futility, Locus Neminis, Atoma, and In Mourning are worth a mention. We talk about these albums, and unveil the latest, greatest sex act.... The Varg.

Episode 42 (Behind every metal band is a woman...) (4/15)

One of the bands that brought Justin and Darrell together in their love of metal was Nightwish's "Dark Passion Play." Female fronted metal, in all its forms, seems to be a perfect gateway for new listeners to experiment with heavier music. We all know about bands like Nightwish, Epica, and Within Temptation. But we wanted to take the time to talk about the next generation of female led metal bands; the ones that have caught our ears recently.

Episode 41 (Back to the...past?) (4/8)

The live show went off without a hitch, but left us a little behind on our normal wacky conversation. We return to the headquarters to talk about the albums that have been consuming our time over the last few weeks. Justin has a lot to say about Screaming Savior, Fall Of Eden, Massive Pain, and Meshuggah. Darrell is excited to look back at his reviews from The Massacre Cave, Sunpocrisy, Akoma, and the new EP from Pelican. We are so close to the release of Brendon Small's Galaktikon, and the new season of Metalocalypse. Are YOU ready?

The Podcast.... Live! (4/1)

After one year of rambling, expressing strong opinions, and really just fucking around, we look back on all the things that made the first year of Sorrow Eternal one for the ages. Justin, Darrell, and Chester took to the stage of the beautiful Fye Auditorium to discuss their favorite moments from the site, the podcast, and the bands we have encountered along the way. A special thanks to all of the awesome fans and friends who attended, and for all of the bands for helping make this site a whole lot of fun for us.

Episode 40 (Mid life crisis) (3/18)

So, we hit the big 4-0. This past week was the one year anniversary of when two metal heads from New York hit the "Create blog" button, and thus Sorrow Eternal was born. We look back at some of our reviews for the last week or so, recovering from the blooper reel of last Sunday. Darrell had a full plate, with releases from Barren Earth, Three Steps To The Ocean, Diabulus In Musica, and Black Ink. Justin had a productive week, as well, with reviews for Epica, Amberian Dawn, and M-Pire Of Evil making their way to the site. A few news and note later, and we call it an episode...

But not before a big announcement......

Episode 39 (That's all folk)(3/5)

From an undisclosed location somewhere outside the headquarters, Justin and Darrell record their weekly rant. This week, Justin talks about the latest release from Xandria, then gushes and raves about the new Freedom Call album. Darrell is not impressed. He is stuck on two offerings. The first comes from Czech band Et Moriemur, and the second from Italy's own Valkiria.

Time again to name a new band of the month. This month, we were in the mood to dance and sing along. So, what better way to spend the month of March than with the kings of modern folk metal, Eluveitie. We talk about their new album, and how that style of music makes you feel.

Episode 38 (Rocket ride to Planet Piss)(2/26)

No need for introductions this time. We jump right into the fray to discuss some of our reviews. Justin sticks to the flat 50 this time around, with two American bands in Fister and Spiral. Darrell wanders abroad once again, visiting Russia to check out Svartby, and France to get his first listen of Kells. But we are preoccupied tonight. We were once told that the Metalocalypse had begun. Well, a new wave is coming. Season 4 is on the way, accompanied by a new album by Brendan Small's Galaktikon. What the hell? Well, we know very little, but we have a lot to say about the man, the band, and the show.

Episode 37 (We march to the beat of a different drummer...)(2/19)

Back again for another round! This week, Darrell and Justin sit down to talk about Chester, and his latest medical issue.... then some new reviews, as usual. Justin has some things to say about Your Tomorrow Alone, as well as some praise for Opera IX. Darrell was lucky enough to stumble upon a hidden gem with Arke's new EP, "Shatner," and the latest effort by Italian power metal band Drakkar.

But this time around, we wanted to talk drums. Not the physical drums themselves, but the guys who sit behind the kit and do the dirty work. We all know there are some beasts out there, but these guys are the ones that we can call our favorites.

Episode 36 (Hi, my name is....)(2/12)

So, after 35 episodes, we have decided to make an effort to be more professional. No, that won't stop the fart jokes or the actual farting. But, we can now reveal to you our true names. Justin, the artist formerly known as Murmaider, talks about the new albums by Zgard and Vinterblot. And Darrell, that guy with the numbers in his name, gives his take on the album by Valtari and Dakesis. Another great week for music.

More random shit comes next. We talk the album sales of the new Van Halen, the pending Black Sabbath reunion, minus drummer Bill Ward, the new album by Slayer, and why you never need to read another review on When someone can give that new Lacuna Coil an 8.5/10, you know they don't care.

Episode 35 (Swallow the sun, choke on the moon...)(2/5)

Sometimes it feels like we are on a whirlwind tour of the world, with metal as our guide. Hell22 visits Italy, for a date with female fronted symphonic metallers Winter Haze. Then, he returns home to check out Virginia's Druglord. Murmaider spent some time in the Italian peninsula as well, having bouts of nausea and diarrhea listening to the steaming pile of shit that Lacuna Coil calls a new album. Do NOT go in there.

But, as is customary, the first podcast of the month is dedicated to our Band Of The Month. This time around, Finland's Swallow The Sun dominate our voting, thanks largely to their new album, "Emerald Forest And The Blackbird." With a heavy dose of melody, these guys have taken their craft to new heights, and deafening lows. This one is easily an album of the year contender. Chester agrees, even if he doesn't have the balls to show up.

Episode 34 (Random shit with Chester)(1/29)

After battling illness for weeks at a time, Murmaider and Hell22 are feeling fine and fancy free. Murmaider has some great new stuff to point out, with the new EP from Finland's Frozenbleed, and an old EP from his favorite artists.... Mastodon. Hell22, on the other hand, went to familiar territory. When a new Swallow The Sun album is released, you know the headquarters is buzzing with activity. "Emerald Forest And The Blackbird" is everything we had been waiting for.

But wait, do you hear what I hear? Who is that voice? It sounds so.... familiar. Yes, folks, Chester has returned. After some time away to direct the new movie "The Dugout," as well as penning "Heaven Help Us,"  he is back to join in our roundtable discussion of some random shit. From Lacuna Coil's cover song, to the rise of vinyl, we are all over the place. And damn, does it feel good.

Episode 33 (Songwriters write songs)(1/15)

No rest for the wicked, folks. We are back with another installment of the podcast, despite fighting off vicious colds in this warmer than usual winter. Murmaider really enjoys In Loving Memory, and has some pretty strong things to say about their new album "Negation Of Life." Hell22 took some advice from his fellow writer and checked out Lethian Dreams. Needless to say, he was not disappointed with what he heard on "Season Of Raven Words."

"Drake is the greatest songwriter of this generation." These words were actually spoken by a real person, to us. We didn't know what to say then. But we sure know what to say about it now.

Episode 32 (Different strokes to move the world)(1/8)

It's a new year, and there are plenty of albums for us to review! This week, Murmaider takes a good, long listen to the new album by Aquilus. Hell22 had a mixed bag, with a flat effort by M.A.I.M. and yet another stellar outing by office favorite Alcest. Then we revisit a previous topic, from way back in episode 19. Side projects can be both good and bad. But we take a few minutes to applaud those who make their side project different from their main act. Diversity is the key to a great metal year, and these guys get it done.

Episode 31 (Ringing in the new year...)(1/1)

Every year is a good year for metal. Those are words that we live by. And as 2011 has been put to bed, 2012 promises to be one to remember. We look at some of the big names with new albums on the horizon, with a few in particular holding our attention. Then we announce our first "Band Of The Month" for the new year. Here's a hint: their last album taught us all the French we know.

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