Thursday, May 5, 2011

Insomnium - Above The weeping World (2006)

Ready for some kick-ass melodic death metal? Coming from the dark shadows of Finland is the incredible Insomnium. Their third official studio album, "Above The Weeping World," is an aggressive, melodic masterpiece. Nine tracks filled with screeching guitar solos and brain splattering drumming and bass picking. Not to mention the consistently brutal growling that will make you shit your pants!

The intro track alone will blow you away with its epic buildup from calm beautiful piano keys to heavy destructive guitar riffs. "The Gale" immediately gets you hooked as its catchy melodies jump out and grab you by the throat. This is just a taste of what this killer album has to offer.

"Mortal Share" is the first full song on the album. It opens with dirty guitar work as you are first introduced to the vocals. A sudden "roar" breaks through the guitars smashing every frequency in sight. The verses are sharp and to the point, which lead to heavy chorus's and ripping guitar solos. And if you're looking for some more great solos, "Drawn To Black" and "The Last Statement" contain melodies that will wrap around your head and drown you as guitar notes fill your ears.

"The Killjoy" has an interesting structure, as it starts with fiery guitar chords and reckless growling through the verses but incorporates soft, angelic acoustic guitars layered with ominous spoken word towards the end. The various changes in tempo will keep you at the edge of your seat. Also enjoy the ripping guitar solo that is thrown in the middle of the track.

Track four entitled "Change Of Heart" offers rapid bass pedal action with epic verses as they consist of aggressive growling vocals accompanied by layers of demonic guitars. They are then followed by a beautiful melody that will stay stuck in your head for days, as I've found myself humming the tune while at work. You will also find catchy guitar notes in the song "At The Gates Of Sleep" as they are combined with amazing double bass pedaling and booming bass lines. These are definitely two tracks you do not want to skip.

Insomium concludes the album with an epic 10 minute song entitled "In The Groves Of Death." It includes gorgeous orchestral instruments in the beginning, followed by amplified guitars and deep growls. It also includes a soothing bass line about 5 minutes in while accompanied by a ravishing guitar solo.

Outstanding song writing by Insomnium, both lyrically and musically. "Above The Weeping World" has memorable riffs and head bobbing drum patterns that deserve much attention. We will hopefully be seeing a lot more of them as they continue putting out more epic albums like this one.


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