Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Opeth - Deliverance (2002)

When it comes to Opeth, it is hard to decide which album to listen to. Everything that they have ever recorded is unique, and truly amazing, in every way. One of their most powerful albums to date is, without question, "Deliverance." This is their 6th studio album and was released in November of 2002. The band has really taken Progressive Death metal to a whole different level, combining Mikael Akerfeldt's hell raising growls and subtle clean singing with tremendous changes in song structure, from fast and violent drumming to dark and calm melodic guitars and piano.

"Wreath" sets a fast, groovy melody to the beginning of the album, as distorted guitars and rapid kick-snare action blasts through your speakers. Excellent use of orchestral strings leave a perfect sound ringing in your ears. Giving off a dark and deathly feeling, the lyrics paint a clear picture of a nightmare. Definitely be sure to read them over. Another great feature to this song is that is runs just over 11 minutes. So if you're into those long, epic story tellers, this is definitely the song for you. In fact, as you continue listening through the album, you will see that 5 out of the 6 tracks are over 10 minutes long. Take "Deliverance," for example. It is 13 and half minutes long, and is loaded with creative lyrics and deafening guitar riffs. Even knowing the length of these songs, you will still want to replay them over and over.

The album slows down with "A Fair Judgement." The first minute and a half is a soft and beautiful piano, followed with smooth, clean vocals and light drumming and guitars. The first couple of verses are used as buildups to the catchy melodic guitar notes that follow afterwards. Acoustic guitars enter the song, as more clean vocals are included. It then picks up with heavy, electrifying guitar riffs and loud cymbals and snares. Striking solos fade in and out throughout the middle of the song. The track fades with dark repetitive guitar riffs as it introduces "For Absent Friends." This is a little 2 minute song that contains mellow guitar melodies with no drumming. Almost an intermission to the album.

"Master's Apprentice" is a true masterpiece that contains quick double bass pedaling and outstanding instrumentation. The use of acoustic guitars mixed with electric guitars help create a clear image and a strong sense of emotion to the song. The vocals switch back and forth between clean singing and monstrous growling. This is one of Akerfeldt's most impressive performances ever. So much passion is shown with his deep lyrics and miraculous clean vocals. "By The Pain We See In Others" even consists of different uses of his voice. The beginning has dark, eerie vocals that almost sound like black metal.

The mixing of vocals and amazing song structure throughout "Deliverance" is absolutely extraordinary. Opeth holds so much talent and creativity in their songs. Every album, including this one, will leave you wanting more. It's music like this that has Opeth standing out above the rest.


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