Friday, June 3, 2011

Alcest - Ecailles De Lune (2010)

Alcest is a one man project from Bagnols-sure-ceze, France. The band did have three members in it at one time, however the main writer, Neige, decided to take the music in a different direction. Doing so, he has released a new album, entitled "Escailles De Lune." The album leans more towards a post-metal feel, with black metal influences underneath. There are 6 songs total, and half of them are over eight to nine minutes long.

The album starts with the song "Ecailles De Lune" which is is actually broken up into two tracks, part one and part two. They each run for over nine minutes long and change in structure frequently. The guitars are very atmospheric with heavy reverb effects throughout. The vocals are very calm and relaxing adding great imagery to the album immediately. This is followed by operatic singing that comes off as soft and soothing. It also gives very depressive vibes to the song. The last two minutes pick up speed and volume, as rapid kick-snare patterns jump out at you with cymbals crashing all around. Harsh guitars riffs are played on top of the drumming, layered with a light hint of strings as the song fades to an end.

"Ecailles De Lune (Part 2)" picks up with a short guitar part that has an incredible "outer-space" feel to it. The reverb effects on the guitars consume you like they did in part one, as they slam you into a deafening wall of monstrous layered guitars riffs. The vocals in this song is where the "black metal" influences come in. A few minutes into the song enter raw devilish growling filled with viscous rage. The constant drumming will have your fists pumping and your head bobbing. About half way through the song, all of the instruments and distortion cut out and the beautiful echoing guitar enters with chilling melodic notes. Soft clean singing accompanies the guitars, and a very catchy rhythm. The song closes out with dark beautiful humming loaded with more reverb effects that sound absolutely stunning.

The song "Percees De Lumiere" consist of catchy instruments and beautiful vocals which add great scenery to the album as a whole. More poisonous growling is included in certain parts which helps balance out the style. Its soft and beautiful but with a sharp kick to it. The guitar work is phenomenal in between the verses. It's filled with tons of melodic parts. Even "Solar Song" has powerful guitars, but are balanced with the catchy melodies of certain riffs and the delicate vocals performed on top.

Overall, "Ecailled De Lunes" is magnificent and full of passion and inspiring emotions. The album contains tremendous atmospheric elements throughout as you will come across strings and synthesizers that create a strong background to the music. Also, the demonic growling add uniqueness and balance. The guitar recordings are a little edgy and have a scratchy low quality to them. However, I feel that this helps give more of the black metal tone to it as well. This album is definitely an experience you won't want to miss.


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