Monday, June 20, 2011

Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs (2009)

As great as it is to see Swallow The Sun putting out awesome albums, it is even greater to see that certain members of the band can manage to work with incredible side projects at the same time. Aleksi Munter, who plays keyboard for Swallow The Sun, is part of a band known as Ghost Brigade, which is a progressive doom metal band formed in Finland. Their second studio album, "Isolation Songs," is a dark and beautiful masterpiece that was released in 2009. The album has everything from dark, cruel growling to soft clean singing.

The album starts with a soothing guitar melody in "Suffocated." The soft notes are short, as they are disrupted by demonic riffs that come barreling down over deafening drums. The double bass work is quite impressive as it is surrounded by sizzling cymbals. Fist pumping guitars chug away through the verses full of energy and rage. The vocals enter with a roar. Deep growling accompanied by melodic guitar riffs give a catchy yet devilish feel to the refrain. "My Heart Is A Tomb" will put you at ease with its calm verses which contain quiet guitar riffs and light singing. The drums become heavier as the song builds up to the chorus. The rich sound of melodic riffs rush into the refrain leaving no time to breath as you are pummeled by the deep pounding waves of kicks and snares. Dark growling is layered with clean singing during the chorus giving off a unique and beautiful sound.

Track three, entitled "Into The Black Light," contain ravishing vocals, deep with lyrics. The verses have gorgeous melodies that will lure you in. The vocals in the refrain are sung with such beauty and are very catchy. The end carries out with crying guitars that are sure to be ringing in your head for days. "Lost In A Loop" keeps things dark again with its violent growling and aggressive guitar riffs during the verses. The riffs during the refrain are repetitive and will surround you with sadness. The bridge consists of slow soothing violins which help create the dark depressive tones even more.

"22:22 - Nihil" is one of the most beautiful instrumentals to ever hit your ear. Full of progression, the guitar riffs repeat the same melody as they add more instruments and effects to build a larger atmosphere. Piano follows along with the guitars while they play simple notes in the beginning. Distortion is later added when the heavy chords enter followed by booming drums. As the build up reaches its peak, heavy layered guitars chug away in two separate patterns giving the music fullness. The lead guitar work captures you with its angelic melody. Major double bass pedals come stomping in with wicked cymbals as rapid bass lines keep the ground shaking constantly.

If you are looking for that one solid epic song that is full of progressive riffs, "Birth" is what you're looking for. The song runs for over 9 minutes long and includes electrifying guitars and captivating piano parts. Quiet guitar melodies enter in the beginning filling the air with a depressive feel. Later enters loud guitar chords with evil features. The vocals are reckless growls throughout the verses and refrains. The piano towards the middle of the song is absolutely marvelous. You're going to want to replay this track a few times to catch all the details.

With its diverse style and constant change from light to dark sounds, "Isolation Songs" provides a little bit of everything for everyone. It is a well written and well rounded album for all to enjoy. Ghost Brigade has many different elements in their music that they have mashed together to create an epic and unique sound. This is definitely one of those album that you do not want to miss.


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  1. Ghost Brigade!!!! "Birth" is my favorite of this album, A blasting work you guys do, Keep it up! \m/