Sunday, June 19, 2011

Helevorn: The Interview

What inspired  "Forthcoming Displeasures", lyrically and musically? And what is
the story, if any, of the album artwork?

"F.D" was inspired of the world’s global situation we’re now living, it’s a realistic and misanthropic concept. Talking about the past as the best thing that happened to us doesn’t make any sense and is unreal but talking about wrong things we are doing to build up our future suggests us a little more, all of this is embodied in the album cover and in the video of "From our Glorious Days". When we were making the album we were conscious about it.

Robert Hoyem (cover artwork artist) soon captured the artistic idea, human race represented by six bodies without face, walking through a path full of obstacles and stained with blood, at the end of this path there’s a big black hole and we all are heading it without asking ourselves why. It was a great opportunity to create a pessimist criticism.

As metal fans in the US, we come across very few true metal bands from Spain. Darkmoor is one that comes to mind. What is the metal scene like in Spain? And how have your roots played a part in the music you've created?

A few years ago, when we start with Helevorn in Spain there were only 2 or 3 “big” metal bands like Avulsed, that were able to make interesting music or with the capacity of touring. Nowadays, we have tons of new metal bands working hard outside our borders. Anyway we have lot of work to do.

So often, bands feel the need to do something crazy to sell records. They add a second (or third) singer, tune the guitars even lower, or invent some crazy gimmick. You guys have perfected your music, without resorting to any tricks along the way. How have you managed to continue to grow, without throwing away your identity?

When we write a song we also think on playing that song live and is really important for us to be faithful to the recorded version. It’s crazy to think that adding more and more instruments or 17 voices to a song you would sell more records.

The Death/doom genre is exploding, thanks to bands like Helevorn, as well as Draconian, Swallow The Sun, etc. What is it about the music you, and you brethren, create that draws so many people?

Maybe is the mix between the atmosphere and the aggressive sound of guitars, clean voices, etc.

Do you have plans on touring in America?

Not for the moment, but we are opened to any suggestions! We would love to tour in America. At this present moment we are promoting ourselves around Europe.

Do you have any bands (big or small) that you would want to tour with?

Britney Spears! Hehehe. Seriously, lots of them, but personally I think that Officium Triste or The 11th Hour would be nice. They are great people and good friends so what can be better than tour and party together?

What are your thoughts on the downloading of music? Do you see it as a problem, or is it helping to spread great music across the world?

I think that is a good chance for little bands like Helevorn to get extra promotion than a problem. We do not sell millions of copies and internet is a real important tool for bands like us to be promoted.

What does the future hold for Helevorn?

Perform as much as we can to promote “Forthcoming Displeasures” and start working on the new songs also. We are looking and moving forward for the new Helevorn album.

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