Monday, June 6, 2011

Infestus - E x I s t (2011)


From the dark shadows of Germany comes an underground black matel outfit that goes by the name of Infestus. They are in the process of releasing their fourth full length studio album entitled "E x I s t." Creating the full black metal feel, the album was recorded in a semi-low quality. Mainly it's the vocals, the volume could be turned up a little louder in certain parts of certain tracks. Besides that, musically, it has much potential with great song structure, evil riffs, and destructive drumming.

The album opens with a four minute track entitled "Akoasma," which starts out gloomy and slow, with eerie strings. A devilish guitar enters about 50 seconds in, followed by monstrous drumming. Incredible double bass fills the air for a brief second before going back to it originally quiet mellowness. You'll notice that the songs tempo jumps up and down giving you absolutely no time to breathe. After slowly fading out, the song "Down Spiral Depersonification" follows immediately, displaying wicked drumming and aggressive distorted guitars. The vocals enter for the first time and are performed in a raw demonic style of growls, going perfectly with the melodic riffs in the background. There are a few breakdowns in the middle that have catchy heavy riffs as I am sure you will be bobbing your head.

Running for almost nine minutes long, "Darkness Blazing In The Flame Of Fire" gives the album a solid back bone as it offers everything from soft melodic guitar notes, to violent chugging accompanied with explosive double bass and shattering cymbals. The growling vocals are overwhelming and full of energy. The ending solo is incredible, as layered guitars clash together with demonic vocals over top, giving you everything at once. Make sure to blast these last three minutes of the song to get the full experience.

The album ends with a 9 minute and 37 second masterpiece entitled "Descend Direction Void." Guitar riffs are filled with an evil beauty, creating a dark mental photograph. The vocals are dominating with loud, vicious growls that echo throughout the song. About 6 minutes in is a powerful breakdown containing beastly guitar riffs chugging away non stop, while cymbals are crashing everywhere and completely consume you. Get ready to throw you devil horns up for this monster of a track.

It's tough now a days to really stand out and be recognized from all the other bands that are trying to make it in the black metal scene. Infestus definitely has a lot of potential and are heading in the right direction with their style. As long as they keep putting out solid albums like "E x I s t," I think it will only be a matter of time before they step out of Germany's underground scene to be known and heard by all.


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