Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pagan's Mind - Heavenly Ecstacy (2011)

After waiting almost four long years, Pagan's Mind has finally released their fifth studio album, entitled "Heavenly Ecstasy." The power metal band from Skien, Norway has gone over the top with electrifying solos and mystical lyrics.

The album starts with a short introduction of eerie synth sound effect giving off a dark feel that builds up into the next track. "Eyes Of Fire" fades in with shattering cymbals and powerful drumming. The refrain is full of energy as Nils K. Rue soars over the blaring guitars and heavy drumming with his angelic clean vocals. The song grabs a hold of you with chugging guitars that later enter the song. An insane guitar solo follows towards the end that will absolutely blow you away.

"Intermission" is the first single released off of the album, and you will see why, as catchy up beat guitar riffs lure you into the song. This fades into a calm verse as the instruments fall back and slowly begin to build up again. The chorus will hit you hard, as the vocals are loaded heavily with reverb effects. The melodies mixed with the gorgeous guitars will consume you with its catchy sounds. The song will leave you bobbing your head from start to finish.

If you're looking for something a little more aggressive, check out "Follow Your Way." Tons of distorted guitars layered on top of each other blast catchy chords at you, combined with detailed drum fills and fast bass lines. You will definitely want to hit the repeat button a couple of times for this song. "The Master's Voice" is another track that shows off their true power metal sound as the vocals in the refrain echo over the catchy melodic guitars. Thick bass lines are used to connect the verses and choruses smoothly. Epic strings accompany the explosive drums in the middle of the song which lead to a quick solo hitting every high note that there is. This song stands out a little more from the album because the vocals switch up and get a little darker at times, as you will hear in parts of the verses a more screechy high pitch vocal that differs from the regular power vocal you are used to hearing. Also, the drum solo that concludes the song is extraordinary as rapid change in patterns keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time.

Overall Pagan's Mind has much potential and definitely write some memorable choruses and detailed solos. However, that's about all you will find in "Heavenly Ecstasy." There are a lot of generic riffs and a lot of the songs sound the same. The album is average for what they have to offer. A little more musical creativity and a little less reverb on the vocals could improve their sound, and help them gain a little more attention. Check out the record if you get a chance, but I wouldn't put it at the top of the list of "must hear" albums.


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