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Lamb Of God - Wrath (2009)

The powerful heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia, Lamb Of God, has constantly released bone crushing albums and in 2009 they did it again with "Wrath." This is the band sixth full length album, and hit sales exceeding 68,000 within the first week. The album has massive amounts of bass as you will hear booming drums and electrifying guitars throughout the album. This is definitely something you don't want to miss!

The intro track, "The Passing," is a very calm instrumental song with soft guitar riffs but has some pretty detailed drum fills as well. "In Your Words" Follows with deafening cymbals, rapid snares, and blaring guitars. Lead vocalist, Randy Blythe, has a slightly different style of vocals in this album compared to the bands last few. Aside from his well known vicious growling, he also throws some violent yelling which echoes from ear to ear. The background contains some insane double bass pedal action and constant chugging of guitars in demonic tones. The last minute of the song is a repetitive catchy riff combined with constant explosive drum rolls. This is such a monstrous track to kick off the album with.

The aggressiveness doesn't stop here, "Set To Fail" jumps right in with machine gun snares and more speedy speedy drum fills which punch you in the face. There are wild guitar riffs that will rip through you speakers. Blythes vocals dominate the track with his vicious growls. Similar tones follow in "Contractor" which was the first single released off of the album. Although it's only three and a half minutes long, it wastes no time getting right into the destruction and violence. The verse grab you by the throat and throw you to the floor as the drums constantly pound away at you. The breakdown in the middle of the song will have you bashing you're head along with the snare drum. More crazy double bass pedaling jumps in towards the end as the growling gets more and more intense with every lyric. You're definitely going to want to replay this song a couple of times before moving on.

If you're looking for some solo work doesn't hesitate to check out "Grace." The song fades in with a quite guitar melody luring you closer to your speakers as you try to get a full ear of what is being played. You are then met with a wall of distortion as you are crushed with monstrous guitars and violent kick-snare drumming. The detailed drum fills are exploding with rage leaving you no time to breathe. The cymbals are constantly ringing from left to right. Towards the end is where you will find your note murdering guitar solos. "Broken Hands" is another one with hell raising guitar solos. These are two tracks you'll definitely want to jump on if you're a solo kind of guy. The structures are ridiculous and consist of so much detail.

The album comes to a close with the seven minute long "Reclamation." Now don't let the quiet intro fool you, this track packs a punch when the verses drop. The song structure is incredible as you'll notice the patterns of the guitar riffs changing constantly in the background throughout each section of the song. Double bass drums drill away while cymbals crash everywhere. The guitars will have you bobbing you're head for sure. As far as the vocals go, Blythe goes back and forth between growling and yelling which really keeps you at the edge of your seat as you waiting for the next verse to drop. It's definitely a solid ending to a solid album.

Overall, "Wrath" has got some destructive breakdowns and mind blowing guitar solos and really shows that Lamb Of God can balance between metal and core as they constantly throw both slow, heavy breakdowns and quick solos. The change in Blythe's vocals helped keep the album unique from their older albums even though there were some fans who were disappointed in the change. Find out for yourself and check out the album!


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