Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Podcast: Episode 20 (A dramatic change of scenery)

After a week of technical difficulties and disasters, Murmaider and Hell22 relocate for the day to discuss the week that way. Murmaider had a week of surprises, enjoying new albums by American folk metallers Northsong and Canadian sludge band The Sun Through A Telescope. Hell22 found himself expecting exactly what he got from the new Dream Theater album. For better or worse, it was "A Dramatic Turn Of Events."

But the main highlight of the week was Murmaider's trip to the new Yankee Stadium for The Big Four. From the smallest of them, Anthrax, all the way through Megadeth and Slayer, to the (former) kings of metal, Metallica, his life has been changed forever.

Download it here.

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