Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad Alice Said - Clock Of Eternity (EP) (2011)

Stepping into the world of gothic metal comes a female fronted band called Sad Alice Said. They are from the Ukraine and consist of a total of 7 musicians. Besides your average bass, guitars, drums, and vocals, they also have someone on the keys and viola as well. They have recently released a new EP, entitled "Clock Of Eternity." The music is absolutely beautiful. You can hear so much emotion from Alisa Shakor, the lead vocalist, as she swings from high notes to lower octaves with her angelic voice and deep lyrics.

The first song on the EP is "Clock Of Eternity" which begins with soothing string synths covered with reverse reverb giving an interesting and futuristic feel to the music. Soft drums enter as Shakor starts with the verse. As it builds to the chorus, heavily distorted guitars come in chugging away slowly in the background. The refrain has got some double bass pedal drumming that will have you bobbing your head immediately. As the vocals fly over the instruments, the guitars become more aggressive as the riffs pick up in speed and add more detail in the patterns. Gorgeous piano riffs follow and fill in between the chorus and the next verse. The piano also comes back towards the end as you hear a soothing solo with ripping guitar riffs behind it. "Tomb-like Silence" is the next track to follow. The piano is constantly running through the background with soft riffs as guitars jump in and out throughout the song. Shakor delivers amazing clean vocals that will send a chill down your spine. The harmonization during the refrain is terrific and well performed. In between verses come some melodic riffs shared between the guitars and the piano giving an aggressive yet calm sound. Definitely check this track out.

"The Son Of Nightmare And Pain" jumps right into the verse as guitars are blaring and double bass drumming jumps in and out behind them. The vocals pull you in as you are hypnotized by the passionate lyrics and Shakors ravishing voice. The viola takes over in the middle of the song carrying you deeper into the music. The chorus is ridiculous catchy as you will find yourself singing along the entire time. This fades right into "Door In Autumn." This six and a half minute masterpiece is loaded with melodic piano riffs and harsh guitars. The verses have heavy chugging riffs layered with soothing vocals on top. The song structure is great the way it constantly changes tempo and gets heavier and softer in different parts of the track. The instruments are very well balanced giving the spotlight to each band member at different times. Later enters a wild guitar solo that really lights up the song with its electrifying melodies and notes. The viola towards the end gives such an emotional sound and almost sounds as if it was crying.

The final track on the EP is "Open Your Eyes." The piano melodies are astonishing and very catchy. Basic kick and snare drums kick in when the verse beginnings. Here you are surrounded by piano and viola riffs. The chorus comes in strong with gorgeous vocals that soar high over the distorted guitars and rumbling drums. Shakor really shows off her reach in pitch in this one. Later on comes another incredible guitar solo that flies by towards the end of the song striking each note perfectly.

At such a young stage of their career, Sad Alice Said have proven that they have a lot to offer. "Clock Of Eternity" has so much potential both lyrically and musically. The recording quality was well done and the mix sounded great. This is definitely a band you need to keep an eye on. In the meantime pick up the EP and enjoy.


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