Friday, October 21, 2011

Entropia - Chimera (EP) (2011)

It’s interesting to see how bands can tweak their sound just a little and be able to stand out and be different. Entropia does exactly that. These guys are a post-metal band from Poland and offer some black metal vibes to their sound. The album is only three songs long however the songs do get kind of lengthy. They include a lot of progressive riffs and gorgeous melodies that flow together smoothly. Also, be ready for a mixture of calm singing and wicked growling.

The first track is called “Limits,” and runs for over 13 and a half minutes long. It starts with dark piano notes followed by calm futuristic guitar riffs and quiet kick and snare patterns. The riffs are constantly striking keeping you drawn to the melody and drilling it into your head. It’s not until about four minutes in that you are hit with vocals. What’s interesting is that the vocals play more of a background instruments than they do a lead vocal line. The guitars become more aggressive as the tempo in the drums start to pick up speed as well. Soon after comes some demonic deep growls as cymbals continue to splash from left to right. After about six minutes in all of the instruments drop and a dark piano riff sneaks in. The low rumbling drums add an eerie tone to the mix as a guitar slowly joins in as well. This is all smooth and mellow and first but don’t get too comfortable. Eventually the distortion turns on full blast with skull crushing guitar riffs that chug away as more clean vocals reenter. The drumming starts to add more detail to the riffs as well. There’s a lot going on in this track so make sure listen closely or feel free to hit that replay button a couple of times.

“Mermaid” is the second song on the album and kicks things off with eerie strings that is followed by a repetitive guitar riff carrying haunting tones. Heavy reverb effects allow the guitars to surround you as you slowly fall deeper into the song. Snare and kick patterns constantly change up in the background while strings continue to provide a layer of darkness. About half way through the song comes violent growling as the guitars pick up speed and throw distorted riffs at you beating you into the ground. The snares is constantly smashing away with crazy drum fills. Again the vocals stay faded in the background providing more a an instrument feel instead of a vocal effect. The guitars are really what take over this song as the riffs continue to get heavier and heavier as piano notes weave in and out at certain moments in the song. The structure of this track is just phenomenal. There’s even a monstrous breakdown at the end that will have you throwing you’re fists in the air immediately.

The last track entitled “∞” is a beautiful instrumental that fades in with a melodic bass line and bright cymbals crashing in the background. The lead guitar comes is shortly after with soothing riffs as drum fills start to take over the background. The lead guitar switches to a high screeching sound that represents a vocal. Each note is played with incredible speed making it sound like one long note. The melody is really catchy and will definitely be stuck in your head for a while. I found myself replaying this track quite often when first hearing it.

Entropia does a great job creating an atmospheric image in “Chimera.” The melodic guitars and bass lines really set the mood and give the music an emotional push. And although the album is only three songs long, each track has its own part and really keep the album diverse as it changes back and forth between aggressiveness and slow psychedelic tones. This is an album you don’t want to miss!

8.5/10 -

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