Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Junius - Reports From The Threshold Of Death (2011)


More bands are attempting the futuristic “space rock” genre and are starting to get a little more noticed. Post metal band Junius hits this nail on the head beautifully. They have released a new album called “Reports From The Threshold Of Death.” This is the bands second full length album and it definitely deserves some attention. This album has tons of psychedelic sounds and futuristic tones mixed with calm vocals and catchy hooks.

The first track on the album is “Betray The Grave” which quietly fades in with eerie synthesizers. Shortly after come blaring guitars with tremendous distortion. Snares and kicks are exploding in the background while cymbals crash in the distance. This will definitely have you bobbing your head. The verse enters with soft clean vocals delivering a soothing melody along side the instruments. And if you enjoy these vocals, just wait until the chorus kicks in. It gets even better. As the song builds up to the refrain the guitars become more relentless with heavy riffs. The vocalist soars high over the instruments with his ravishing voice and deep lyrics. The melody will run through your head for days as you find yourself singing along every time you hear it. What a way to open up this moving album.

“All Shall Float” is one of the most passionate tracks on the album. Make sure you check out the lyrics to this song as you’ll find them to be quite enjoyable. The reason I say that this is so passionate is because of how the vocals are performed. There is so much emotion and raw energy from the lead singer which draws a clear image of his expressions. The verse consist of harsh guitars chugging heavily in the background while the vocals lay gently on top. Meanwhile you are completely consumed by the melodic synths that float behind everything. The tempo is slow throughout the song yet the drums are booming with each and every fill. The refrain grabs you and pulls you deep into the song and you are later surrounded by little voices chanting all around you. “A Universe Without Stars” is another great track that really captures your ear with its heavy guitars and gorgeous refrains. You are completely knocked on your ass when the chorus hits. The pulverizing drums will amazing you as detailed rolls hit you every single second. The vocal performance is just phenomenal. Everything from the lyrics to the quality of the recording, everything is just perfect and on point.

Synthesizers are used heavily in “Haunts For Love” giving that futuristic feel to the album. Drums roll into each verse as snares constantly pound away at you. The vocals are very calm with mellow lyrics that are full heavy reverb. The drum pattern in the bridge towards the end changes dramatically as the melody of the vocals shifts as well. Definitely an interesting track to hear. This of course runs right into “The Meeting Of Pasts.” This one starts out with a catchy melodic synth that fades in with strings backing it up. The snare starts out quiet and slowly builds up to the verse. Distorted guitars step back in as they play lightly in the background. You then come across the chorus which has echoing vocals with more beautiful lyrics. The guitars pick up as well adding a little more heaviness to the track,

Another “must hear” song on this album is track number nine, entitled “Transcend The Ghost.” When I first heard this song I could not stop listening to it. It’s a 5 minute song that starts with calm guitar riffs leaving out the reckless distortion. The verse starts right way and goes perfect with the melody. Futuristic synths join in as drums also begin to crack away at the snares and cymbals. As soon as you reach the chorus you are met with distorted guitars that chug away in a simple pattern following the bass and drums. You’ll be nodding your head from this point on in the song. The refrain is so catchy with its repetitive lyrics and mesmerizing melodies. It will really put your mind at ease. If there’s one song you had to hear from this album, this would be it.

If you’re looking for some catchy tunes with a twist of psychedelic synths and heavy drumming and guitars then “Reports From The Threshold Of Death” is definitely an album I suggest checking out. Keep in mind it’s post metal so don’t expect any breakdowns or violent instruments however the band does manage to give a progressive feel in some of there songs as well as future like tones and fascinating lyrics. Junius has shown that they have much to offer and definitely deserve a couple of listens. So check’em out!


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