Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lethian Dreams - Just Passing By & Unreleased Requiems (2011)

A French atmospheric doom metal band by the name of Lethian Dreams has recently released their new album, entitled “Just Passing By & Unreleased Requiems.” This ten track album consists of slow melodic riffs and ravishing vocals. Most of the vocals are done by lead singer and keyboardist, Carline “Kyrinla” Van Roos.

The opening track, “Just Passing By,“ is a short introduction of warm acoustic notes with welcoming strings to guide them. This is just a little taste of what’s to come. The second song, “White Gold” is where the beauty really begins. It begins with heavily delayed guitar riffs and light strings in the background. The verse starts shortly after with a soft, gorgeous female vocals. You can feel the haunting vibrations run through you as her voice is drenched in reverb effects. Soon after electrifying guitars and smashing drums come flying in. Echoing cymbals fill the air as the guitar melodies carry you into the next verse. “The Anchor Fades” also consists of the soft glimmering acoustic riffs while Kyrinla delivers gentle vocals. The song builds up towards the middle of the track as snapping snares and explosive cymbals sneak up behind distorted guitars. The song paints a depressive image with its repetitive minor notes and slow tempos.

“In seclusion” is a seven and a half minute track that starts with eerie spoken words along with more depressive notes. Monstrous guitar riffs come blaring in as the verse begins. Kyrinla’s voice consumes you while the drums pound away. You will also run into some punishing growls throughout the song. This is accompanied by screechy chords and thumping bass lines. The switch between clean female vocals and devilish growls creates the “beauty and the beast” feel. Every time you start to drift into the soft vocals you are immediately knocked back down with harshly delivered vocals.

Another lengthy track is the following song called “For A Brighter Death.” This one runs for a total of 9 minutes and 16 second. This is pure depressive doom metal at its best. The tempo is slow as the snare and cymbal take deep breathes between each hit. Meanwhile the guitars continue to slowly chug through the verses. Kyrinla soar over the instruments with whisper like vocals which is again, drenched in reverb. You are later met with more evil growling lyrics as the guitar work starts to become more detailed with its melody. They also manage to include some more spoken word while the drums take a break and let the demonic guitar riffs shine behind them. The tempo does pick up later on towards the middle of the track with faster drum rolls and chugging guitars. The song structure, overall, is amazing. You’re definitely going to want to go back through this song a couple of times to catch every little detail.

As you continue through the album you’ll notice it just keeps getting better and better. “Under Her Wings (Mournful Whispers)” and “Elusive” are two song that you do not want to miss out on. They each run for a little over eight minutes long and have so much to offer. The guitars hold out long demonic notes in between each riff as the drums explode in the background. The vocal performance is perfect. You don’t hear as much effect on the voices like you did earlier in the album. You’ll also run into a good amount of strings that go along smoothly with the female vocals as the completely surround her. After these to incredible tracks is the outro, entitled “December’s Blame.” It’s a short two and a half minute instrumental including orchestral strings and angelic piano riffs. The eerie tones give off the feeling that there is more to come. Perhaps another album to soon follow?

As far as the recording quality of the album goes, there are some areas of the album where there is a little too much effect. It’s mainly noticeable in the vocals. Too much reverb and delay effects really take away from the beauty of her voice. Regardless you’re still going to fall in love with the vocals, it’s just that they could have been more natural and it would have all sounded a lot better. “Just Passing By & Unreleased Requiems” is an album that deserves much attention. Its angelic lyrics and soothing instruments will have you wanting more every time you play it.


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