Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Podcast: Episode 22 (We put the curl in your burl)

The guys return for an episode that reminds Hell22 how he got his handle so many years ago. He takes some time out to talk about Falloch and Omit, while Murmaider wants to give a moment or two to Ars Moriendi. But, he is noticeably preoccupied. Our inaugural Band Of The Month launched, and who better than Mastodon to take the honor for the first go round. So, we take time out from our normal ranting and raving to dissect the band, "The Hunter," and the winding road that got them to this point.

We have had so many guest spots on the podcast, that a war is ready to break out. The Scenario can't wait to get back to the headquarters and have a few choice words for Chester and Duct Tape. Soon...

Download Part 1 here.

Download Part 2 here.

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