Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Podcast: Episode 25 (©2011 Sorrow Eternal)

When albums this great come out, we just want to talk about them. Hell22 remembers how he got into Giant Squid years ago, and discusses what makes their new album a winner. He then takes a look at the new, and possibly only album by German duo Albez Duz. Murmaider had a great week, with reviews of the latest Iced Earth Opus, "Dystopia," and a stunning new album by Junius.

But then some anger comes through. Twice over the last month, we have endured the pain in the ass of copyright infringement claims. Watchdog companies like ____ (name removed so they don't file a claim AGAIN) sit on their computers and file claims against people they THINK are breaking the law, without ever looking further. And this is yet another reason why the music industry is crumbling. Give Hell22 a break. After filling out form after form in defense of what we do, he is a little irritated.

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