Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sacrilegious Throne - Acts Of Apostasy (EP) (2011)

Sacrilegious Throne is a two man band that combines black and death metal tones in their dark and evil sounds. They’ve just released a new EP, entitled “Acts Of Apostasy.“ The EP is ruthless with its relentless guitar riffs and vicious growling vocals. The recording is clear and keeps the music well mixed yet is able to maintain somewhat of a raw sound.

Wasting no time, the first track “Acts Of Apostasy” comes right in with crushing guitar riffs full of devilish distortion. Booming kicks and snare accompany them, leaving your head bobbing to the beat. The vocals come in with demonic black metal growls that will haunt you in your sleep. The delivery is excellent as it stands strong against the currents of the indestructible drums. The guitars rhythms change from time to time, but continue to knock you on your ass with fast chugging and evil melodies. Towards the middle of the song you will run into outstanding double bass pedal drumming that pounds away at you leaving you no time to catch a breath. The guitars get even more melodic at the end with rapid notes being thrown in all directions. As the song fades you run into “Lying Dormant.” Again, constant guitar riffs are knocking at your door right from the start. When the verse starts make sure to pay close attention to the drums. The fills are absolutely mind blowing as the double bass gets faster and faster in every roll. Meanwhile harsh guitars are screeching away with wicked melodies the surround the vocalist completely. The delivery in the dark screams contain so much anger and emotion really pulling you deeper into the song. Later the instruments will fade for a brief moment as an eerie acoustic guitar steps in following the shadows of the vocals. The quietness doesn’t last long however as the distortion rushes back in followed by exploding drums and crashing cymbals. You’re then met with a pulverizing guitar solo that runs quickly up and down high and low octaves completely killing the musical scale!

Next up is the song, “Spreading The Swarm,” which starts out with swarming bee sound effects and a man yelling in the background. Then comes the heavy guitars riffs chugging away with power. The guitars slow down as the verse begins. Chords are slammed in the background as evil vocals echo throughout the song. Shortly after comes the non stop double bass drumming leaving you no choice but to get your devil horns up and rocking out. Following this incredible song is the fourth and final song called “Creating Eternal Darkness.” This song really goes out with a bang as it starts with a wicked growl that fades right into the dominating guitar riffs. This mixed with the monstrous drum fills will have you bobbing your head immediately. The vocals come flying in with evil echoing lyrics mixed with harsh screams in between. What impressed me most about this song is the constant bass line that moved smoothly in the background carrying the rest of the instruments. It’s groovy and yet demonic at the same time. You can definitely hear it clear over the deafening guitars. Later you’re hit with another electrifying guitar solo that will send you out of this world with its insane speeds and haunting melodies. The song comes to an end with all of the instruments fading out as an eerie acoustic guitar creeps in with dark, beautiful melodic notes. A gorgeous mixture of light and darkness.

For only being an EP, you definitely get a lot out of “Acts Of Apostasy.” Each song brings something unique to the table and keeps you at the edge of your seat at all times. Sacrilegious Throne does an outstanding job with their vocal performance and reckless drumming throughout the EP. These guys definitely need to go on your “must hear” list if your looking for some solid black metal.


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