Thursday, October 6, 2011

Solution .45 - For Aeons Past (2010)

Brand new to the metal scene comes a band by the name Solution .45, which sounds like a mixture of melodic death metal with progressive tones. They are from Sweden and Finland. "For Aeons Past" is the first and only full length studio album of their career. It's got ten solid tracks on it full of mixed vocals, rapid double bass pedal action, and overwhelming guitar work.

The first track, "The Close Beyond," starts off with jack hammering guitar riffs filled with distortion as another guitar lays some quick melodic notes on top of it. Exploding drums consume the background as cymbals are splashing all around. The double bass pedaling is played with incredible speed, not skipping a single beat. In come the verses with a mixture of clean singing which then switches to devilish growling. The refrain takes over with catchy melodic vocals that soar over the blaring guitars. This is a perfect opening song that definitely gets your blood pumping. The guitar solo towards the end is absolutely insane as it throws wild melodic notes at you from all directions.

The following song, "Gravitational Lensing," wastes no time jumping right into the fast paced guitars and booming drum fills. The growling vocals immediately grab you by the throat leaving you no chance for air. The soothing clean vocals take over for the refrains giving a calm feel at the same time. This is followed by a hell raising guitar solo that will blow your mind. "Through Night-Kingdomed Gates" is another song that has got some intense guitars that quickly start chugging away rapidly with demonic chords. The bass adds thunderous tones underneath leaving your brain rattled. The clean vocals add an uplifting sound to the music meanwhile the growling just comes straight down and crushes you. The chorus is full energy as the relentless guitars continue to chug as the singer flies high over them. The breakdown in this track gets pretty heavy as layered guitars chug away with reckless growls on top. This track is perfect to rock your fists too.

"For Aeons Past" and "Bladed Vaults" are two tracks that really stick out from the album. The refrains are full of catchy clean singing while the verses are just completely out of control. The guitars are relentless as they constantly pound you into the ground from front to last. Make sure you check out some of the lyrics to these tracks because you will definitely be trying to sing along. Also, you'll notice that some of the growling in "Bladed Vaults" almost sounds like straight black metal vocals. Its got that real screechy, almost uncomfortable sound to it. the deliver is excellent. Later you're hit with "Wirethrone" which opens with more violent guitar riffs but slowly fade out when the first verse hits. Clean vocals come in with soft lyrics as the guitars start to build up in the background. The solos are full of complex guitar work and the drum fills will have you throwing up your devil horns in no time.

The final track is a true masterpiece that will sweep you off your feet. The song is titled "Clandestinity Now" and runs for an impressive 16 minutes long. The song structure or original and is constantly changing tempo patterns and melodies throughout the song. The growling has some of the heaviest deliveries I have heard on the entire album. The guitar work is simply amazing from the slow heavy chugging to the fast solos. Also prepare yourself for the bass of the drums. The amout of power that the kick holds will definitely knock you on your ass. The vocals keep you hooked as they consistently switch from singing to growling. After all of the insane solos and interesting vocal performance, you're going to have to go back and hit the replay button a couple of times. You're not going to be able to catch everything at once!

Solution .45 has got a lot of potential. The performance and song structure on this album is phenomenal. The constant change in vocals really keeps the album fresh and unique. You don't have to worry about getting bored of a certain sound. Solution .45 makes sure to provide a little bit of everything with "For Aeons Past." It will definitely be interesting to see where the group goes from here. Make sure to check these guys out.


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