Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nimbatus - Transitions (2011)

The one man band from Germany, Nimbatus, is back with more captivating work. The new EP, “Transitions,” has recently been released and I must say, Nimbatus has really out done him self this time. In these four tracks you are met with some of his best work to date. Ravishing guitar riffs and destructive drums rolls will blow your mind. The constant change in tempo and the adding of different layers of guitars keep you hooked from track to track. Also the recording quality is excellent.

The EP kicks off with an nine minute song, entitled “Entering The Path.” Simple kick and snare patterns greet you with quiet guitar notes that give off an eerie chill down your spine. The lead guitar steps in soon after playing as if it were a lead vocal. The notes are calm and melodic yet provide a heavy feel with its distortion and reverb. The structure is phenomenal as the melody stays repetitive and as different guitar sounds jump in and out keeping you glued to your seat. Heavier, more aggressive guitars enter later in the song adding a demonic sound to the music. The lead guitar really hypnotizes you into the track as you fall deeper and deeper into the notes. Although most of the drumming in the song has been pretty basic so far, they really start to pick up in the last three minutes of the song. The rolls become more complicated mixing rapid toms and snares together as they are connected with smashing cymbals in the background. This is definitely the part where you get your devil horns pumping! The chugging guitar riffs in the final minute really end the song with a bang as they are accompanied by quick double bass pedaling.

“Moments Of Uncertainty” fades in with a melodic guitar riff that is quickly join by exploding drums fills. The track really picks up with aggressive and monstrous instruments. It’s got quick guitar chugging that completely beat you into the ground while a wild lead guitar grabs you and lifts you back up. The drumming throughout this eight minute track is insane. The patterns change up fast and often along with the speed of the tempo. The middle of the track slows down with lighter drums and haunting guitar riffs with some interesting distortion on top. Later enters monstrous guitars that are layered with reckless notes playing over them. And to really push things over the edge, the song includes a wicked guitar solo that will make you cream your pants! The way they run up and down the scale and manage to keep the tempo running smoothly is awesome. Make sure you pay close attention to the drums as well. The fills are absolutely stunning.

Power full guitar riffs open up “Forever Lost” knocking you flat on your ass. Chugging distorted chords fly at you one by one completely destroying the atmosphere around you. The drums are blasting away with snapping kicks and snares leaving you breathless. The tempo is slow through most of the song however, when you arrive around the last two minutes of the track, the energy picks up as a wall of massive guitars come crumbling down on you. Double bass pedal drumming comes rolling in along with huge waves of echoing cymbals. The guitar riffs have dark and powerful tones and really leave you wanting more. This is definitely the loudest song out of the four.

Calm flutes start off the final track, entitled “Awakening Hour.” This is soon met with electrifying guitars and heavy bass lines. The drum patterns stay unique as they are constantly changing up and adding lots of detail within each fill. Crushing riffs blast away violently keeping you bobbing your head with the snare drum. Eventually The lead guitar takes over with wicked effects and catchy melodies. Meanwhile another guitar chugs away in the background along with relentless drum patterns that constantly pound away at you. This will definitely make you want to hit the “replay button” again.

Nimbatus continues to show off his incredible talent and hard work with this EP. “Transitions” shows a little more darker and mysterious side of the band and is still able to express emotion through instrumental form. I can only imagine what some of these song would sound like live. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this EP.


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