Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Podcast: Episode 29 (A December to remember)

We had some great albums to review this week, and we do it with gusto. Hell22 discusses his take on East Of The Wall, Timesailor, and the impressive new album by Nemesea. Murmaider talks Crom, and then reasserts his love for Nightwish. And, considering the beginning of December is upon us, it seemed only fitting that Nightwish would take over as our final Band Of The Month for the year. Let's face it, this band is at the top of their game. We take some time to talk about the band, the new album, "Imaginaerum," and how much Murmaider loves everything they do.

Side note, we pushed the Junius interview back, and Astral Winter went up yesterday. Yeah, we did that. Keeping you on your toes.

Download Part 1.

Download Part 2.

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