Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Podcast: Episode 30 (Sample our wares)

A very special episode awaits! First, we break the ice with some reviews for the week. Murmaider thoroughly enjoyed the latest album by Illuminata, as well as a new offering from Thousand Year War. Hell22 was equally pleased, having heard great releases from Eumeria and Netherbird. The year is nearly over, but the metal flows freely!

But now, the moment we have been waiting for. Time to unveil Sorrow Eternal: The Sampler, Volume 1. We have compiled some of the best and brightest from the year that was, and put a track from each on one CD for your listening pleasure. Soon, you will find the CD up for order on the site for the price of $6, plus shipping (simply to cover our costs). And yes, we will ship anywhere and everywhere in the world. The tracklist and artwork can be found below. Keep an eye out, and be ready!

Download Part 1 here.

Download Part 2 here.

Sorrow Eternal: The Sampler, Volume 1

1. Sam Locke - Epoch
From the album “Era”

2. Blizzard At Sea - Closed Universe
From the album “Invariance”

3. Skogen - Midnattens Glimrande Stillhet
From the album “Svitjod”

4. Project Masquerade - Killer Of Life
From the album “Nothing But Everything Will Remain”

5. As Autumn Calls - Wither Away
From the album “An Autumn Departure”

6. Northsong - Mountains Of Madness
From the album “Winter’s Dominion”

7. Astral Winter - Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls
From the album “Winter Enthroned”

8. Echoterra - Midnight Sun
From the album “Land Of The Midnight Sun”

9. An Autumn For Crippled Children - Nothing/Everything
From the album “Everything”

10. Ogen - Black Tusk Retaliation
From the album “Black Metal Unbound”

11. Kromlek - Necropolis Fall
From the album “Finis Terrae”

12. Appalachian Winter - Solitude
From the album “Appalachian Winter”

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