Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thousand Year War - Tyrants And Men (2011)

As we look for more bands attempting to pull off a vicious Viking metal sound we come across the band Thousand Year War. They’re a trio that is normally listed as melodic death metal however I would describe them as more of a Viking death metal with a twist. They have just released their newest album, entitled “Tyrants And Men.” It’s got a lot of pagan like riffs that are met with a couple different types of vocals. It jumps around from deep dark growling all the way to aggressive hardcore growling and yelling. The guitars and drums run wildly through the album and definitely have the potential to send someone to the hospital.

Viking like guitar riffs explode at the beginning of “Defiance.” The upbeat tempo and catchy melody gives off an Amon Amarth type of feel. You’re hit with a violent growl that will knock you on your ass. The double bass pedaling is non stop through the verses of this track. You won’t be able to help but bob your head. This is followed by “The Sea” which starts with wicked guitar riffs and more monstrous double bass pedaling. The verses consists of harsh growls while cymbals and snares collide in the background. You’ll notice that the vocals change in the refrain as they become less deep growling and more screamish growling. Meanwhile the guitars send electrifying riffs directly at your face.

“No Gods No Masters” continues to keep things changing with its multiple growling vocals. This time the first verse starts with more of a metalcore scream. It changes into more of a heavier growl during the chorus as guitars echo throughout the background rattling your skull. Then comes the bridge which has some sick guitar breakdowns as demonic growls are layered on top. The drum rolls here are absolutely insane. “Open Casket” rips you a new one right away as wild whipping guitars come flying into the open while double bass drums beat you down quickly. The thunderous bass lines rumble beneath you as your met with more violent chugging guitars. Machine gun snares come out of no where with high clashing cymbals to back them up. This is definitely the time you want to start moshing.

A devilish growl opens up the song “Spartacus.” You’ll need a new pair of pants after shitting yourself with this one. The guitar riffs are absolutely relentless as you are violently shaken in the verse. The guitars slow down towards the middle of the song as they are slammed viciously while drum fills take over the background. This song will definitely make you want to hit the replay button a couple of times.

“One Final Breathe” has jack hammering guitar riffs that completely pulverize the beginning of the song. The verse pick up with some hardcore screaming mixed with some deep growls that jump in and out. The chorus has got some powerful guitars that are full of distortion and really surround the rest of the music. The bridge in the end will definitely have you rocking out with your devil horns high in the air. Just listen to the boom of the kicks and the overwhelming growls in the end. It’ll blow your mind.

“Tyrants And Men” is the closing track of the album. It’s only three minutes and 18 seconds long but this little number will destroy you by the time the drum rolls are done with you. They are constantly delivering some sort of detailed fill as the kick drum never rests. You’re also met with a wall of guitar riffs that come tumbling down on you in the middle of the track. This is definitely one of the most deadliest tracks on the album and a perfect way to end such a beast record.

Thousand Year War manages to keep their sound somewhat unique with the different types of growling vocals throughout “Tyrants And Men.” The deliver in the instruments are excellent and force you to move in each song as they leave you with barely any time to catch your breath. Definitely be prepared for this hard hitting album.


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