Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Year That Was: One Man Bands 2011

Without fail, every year produces some stand out metal albums for all to enjoy. Before we unveil our top albums for 2011, we have decided to recap some of the best that each subgenre has to offer. On day four, we look at one man bands. What is even more amazing is that single members groups are on the rise. These gentlemen produced, performed, and delivered some of the strongest albums of the year, with little or no help from the outside world. Sit back and enjoy. Then be jealous, because these guys are better and brighter than most could ever hope to be.

Appalachian Winter
Appalachian Winter
Astral Winter
Winter Enthroned
Cathis Ord
The Far Shore
Fading Waves
Sense Of Space (EP)
Transitions (EP)
Winter's Dominion
Black Metal Unbound
Sam Locke
Era (EP)

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