Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disdained - Kill My Only Enemy (2011)

Taking over the female fronted metal scene in Sweden, Disdained is well on their way to great success. The gothic metal group has released their new album, entitled “Kill My Only Enemy.” It’s powerful guitar riffs and ravishing vocals will blow your mind. Each song contains catchy refrains, head trashing drum rolls and electrifying guitar riffs. Passionate lyrics and hell raising solos will pull you deeper into the music.

Dominating horns and strings start off this epic adventure with “Prelude To A Dream,” which is basically a minute long introduction giving you a little sample of what’s to come. This jumps right into “Eternal Night” with starts with blaring guitar riffs and exploding drums that lung straight at you. The short chugging patterns will have you bobbing your head immediately. You are then met by lead vocalist Therese Thomsson and her gorgeous female voice which starts off the verse with its aggressive tones. As the chorus kicks in, Thomsson begins to show off her powerful vocals as her beautiful lyrics echo through the air on top of the heavy guitars. Later you’ll come across a breath taking melodic guitar solo that is absolutely phenomenal. Notes fall from all directions as they bury you deep into the music. “Longing For Serenity” follows with angelic piano riffs that will immediately grab your ear. Heavily distorted guitar quickly follow along with booming drum rolls and complicated fills. Thomsson displays her gorgeous vocals throughout the song lifting you higher and higher during the refrain. The melody will definitely be stuck in your head for days. Tracks like this one and “Numb” also include a brief moment of demonic growling that compliment the breakdowns perfectly. “Numb” also uses a lot of soothing strings that surround the vocals and keep all of the instruments close together.

“I Live For Your Pain” is an action packed song that really stands out from the rest for a few reasons. First of all, it opens with a fast tempo as the drum fills rumble underneath the wild guitar riffs. This will definitely make you want to throw your metal horns in the air. Secondly, The verse starts with vicious female growling vocals that will make you shit yourself. It completely catches you off guard and before you know it Thomsson is back to her regular clean singing voice. The verses go back and forth between the two styles of vocals quite frequently keeping you at the edge of your seat the entire time. The chorus holds catchy melodic tunes that will make you want to hit the replay button right away. “Redemption” comes in right after with another catchy guitar riff that is accompanied by double bass drum rolls and crashing hi hats. The guitar work in the middle of the song is quite interesting as you’ll notice the constant change in pattern along with many different drum rolls as well. This is all followed by growling vocals that echo throughout the bridge. You might actually shit yourself when you hear it for the first time.

“Trust” slows the album down with a more depressive track. The lyrics are filled with a sad love story and Thomssons performance clearly shows lots of emotion in each verse. The guitar are calm and simple as single chords blast in the background while basic kicks and snares lead the way. A little guitar solo is thrown in towards the end which really seals the deal with its beautiful melodies.

The album closes with “Dreams Never Come True” which starts with a wicked guitar solos that are heavily covered in reverb. Thunderous drum riffs take over the background and absolutely destroy everything in its path. The guitars are very impressive during the verses. They carry aggressive tones but are delivered in a very choppy way. Then chorus then takes over with angelic melodies and sad lyrics. Hearing this a couple of times will definitely make you want to hit the repeat button again. Her style of pitch towards the resembles that of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. It’s a very powerful performance that’s for sure.

Disdained shows a lot of talent and great musicianship in “Kill My Only Enemy.” The recording quality is excellent as well as the song writing and vocal performance. The album gives you a little bit of everything. You get the gorgeous female clean vocals mixed with some interesting devilish female growls. The tempos jump up and down constantly and flow well within each song. Definitely make sure you check this album out!


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