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Indecadence - Elephant (2012)

Indecadence is a seven piece metal band from Badalona, Spain that list themselves as a death/doom band. They have released a new album, entitled “Elephant.” You will hear a lot of industrial tones in this album as well as you come across some interesting synth sound effect in some of the tracks. It’s got some intense growling vocals and vicious guitar riffs so you’re definitely in for a treat.

The album starts out with “Diario De Un Difunto” which opens with slow moving futuristic synthesizers that introduce soft acoustic guitar riffs. This two and a half minute introduction really paints an interesting image as you continue to the next track. “Tryouts” fades right in with sharp snare patterns and double bass pedals. They are surrounded by more synths and string sound effects as distorted guitars slow make their way to the front of the stage. The verses contain monstrous growls that crush everything in its way. Later you are also met with gorgeous clean vocals that echo across the guitars and synths. They use interesting sound effects on their instruments during the bridge that really give an outer space type of sound.

Punishing Guitar riffs come rumbling in along with crystal clear synth melodies that grab your ear immediately. The constant double bass pedal drumming will keep you head bobbing throughout the entire track. The guitars are relentless with their heavy chugging performance. Meanwhile you are completely knocked down by the wicked growls that fly straight towards you. They use delays are certain parts of the clean vocals that give off a unique sound as well. This is definitely one of the more powerful tracks on the album. You’re met with a ticking clock at the beginning of “Lost again.” Blaring guitars soon enter with splashing cymbals and booming drum rolls. The detailed fills are very addicting when first hearing this song. You’re definitely going to have to re listen to this track a few times to catch everything. An eerie piano riff floats in the background while the verse are filled with more terrifying growls. The synthesizers really draw you in closer with their catchy melodies. The only thing that through me off was the clean vocals towards the end. They sound completely off key and off tempo with the beat. I’m not really sure what they were trying to go for with this clean vocal noise. Besides that the track is pretty fucking heavy.

Another interesting song that will really catch your attention is the song “Elephant.” It’s an instrumental track that runs for over six minutes long and constantly changes in structure. This track really shows off the bands musical talents. It starts with angelic piano riffs which creep in slowly. Soon after comes synth sounds that give off strong industrial tones. The drumming sounds programmed as you will hear constant high hats at fast speeds. The strings float harmlessly in the background as you are swept off of your feet with relaxing piano melodies. You could definitely picture this as a score to a movie.

The final track on the album really goes above and beyond with everything that it consists of. The song is called “Inside” and it’s got everything from soothing strings and calm clean vocals to rocky drum rolls, machine gun kick drums, and deep demonic growling. The drum fills are constantly changing pattern as they add a layer of chugging guitars on top mixed with a light piano riff that carries over perfectly. The guitars roar recklessly in the middle of the song as they are followed by beastly growls and rapid double bass pedal drumming. By the end of this song you’re going to be rushing to hit the replay button for sure!

Overall “Elephant” contains some strong song writing and jaw dropping drum rolls throughout the album. The growling vocals stand strong and give you a solid performance every time they come rolling though. The clean vocals however are sort of a hit or miss. Sometimes they fit perfect with the track while other times they just sound completely off. A lot of the riffs come off as a type of chugging breakdown but manage to keep a groovy melody from verse to verse. Also the synth melodies are phenomenal and will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. Make sure you give this album a listen.


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