Friday, January 13, 2012

Lamb Of God - Resolution (2012)

The infamous groove metal band Lamb Of God is back with a brand new album, entitled “Resolution.” This is the bands -- studio album and it might just be their most intense album yet. The tempos constantly run at high speeds with quick reckless guitar riffs and detailed drum rolls. The album contains 14 songs of nothing but relentlessness and overwhelming excitement.

Deafening screams open up the album in the song “Straight For The Sun.” Slow groovy guitar riffs blast through your speakers with thumping drum fills behind them. Lead vocalist, Randy Blythe, throws hell raising growls at you from all directions hitting both low growls and high screams. This little two minute intro runs right into “Desolation” where the tempos pick up quickly. Reckless guitar riffs run right into the verse the Blythe comes in with monstrous growls that will beat you to the ground. The double bass drumming is absolutely mind blowing as it rumbles heavily beneath you. The energy from the song will have you bobbing your head in no time.

After a short count off, a southern guitar melody flies in during “Ghost Walking.” Blythe really mixes up the vocals back and forth between the high screaming and deep growls. Meanwhile, cymbals are constantly splashing in the background as relentless snares snap away in between kicks. The chorus contains a constant heavy breakdown which will have you bashing your head to every drop. Then you run into a wild guitar solo that twists notes into a violent mix of melodies. “Guilty” takes their guitar work to whole other level as the riffs are constantly changing patterns and speed throughout the song. Vicious growls are delivered by Blythe as he continues to change up his vocals. More insane guitar work destroys your speakers in “The Undertow.” The guitar structure is a little more direct as a constant melody runs recklessly in the background. Thunderous bass lines will begin to shake every bone in your body. To top things off, the double bass pedal drumming is absolutely incredible. The detailed patterns in each roll is amazing. Definitely get ready for some intense breakdowns in this track.

“The Number Six” shows some interesting vocals towards the end where they mix screaming with chanting that echoes loudly over the electrifying guitars. It goes back and forth between that and deep heavy growls. The switch really keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the song. Another song that really jumps out with different types of vocals is “Insurrection.” The first verse sounds like something off of a Chimera album. It’s like clean singing but at a low tone giving off an eerie sound to the track. This of course changes later in the song as Blythe comes through with vicious growls destroying everything in sight. Musically this song is one of my favorite ones on the album. Double bass pedaling is in and out while kicks and snares rumble through heavily with detail. The guitar riffs are catchy and aggressive as they whip their way though each verse. You’re hit with another astonishing guitar solo towards the end that will absolute crush you.

Another track that really stands out on the album is “Terminally Unique.” The guitar work is full of melodic riffs that hit you verse after verse giving you no time to breath. The vocals are powerful as hell as Blythe delivers excruciating screams and growls throughout the verse. Meanwhile the drums are constantly pounding you into the ground with their complex double bass work along with exploding cymbals and shattering snares. The is definitely a track that makes you want to hit the replay button immediately afterwards.

Lamb Of God has continued to change and improve for the better with each and every new album. “Resolution” shows a good mix of their old style of groovy guitar riffs along with new and old styles of vocals. Each song runs into the next with a pretty smooth flow leaving no interrupted pauses or disruption. From front to back this album is an intense rush.


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