Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mastodon - Oblivion (EP) (2009)

On November 4th of 2009, Mastodon, the sludge metal kings, released an EP over the internet, entitled “Oblivion.” It contained four tracks and two music videos. One video was of their first single “Oblivion” and the other was of “Diviniation” which is the second track on the “Crack The Skye” album. The first track on the EP is obviously “Oblivion.” It’s the studio version of the song and if you haven’t heard it by now then you haven’t heard shit and you should probably catch up with the times. Same with the second track on the EP, “Divintations.” This version was recorded live at Xfm. It’s a great recording with clear vocals and clean instruments.

The third track on this EP is really the main reason why I wanted to mention the whole thing. “The song is called “The Bit” and it is also live at Xfm. They have played this song plenty of times during live shows but it was never released on any studio length album. This downloadable EP is the only way to get it. The song starts out with aggressive chugging guitars with drum rolls that explode in the background. Right away you’ll be bashing your head and throwing your devil horns in the air. The melodies of the guitars are really catchy and definitely ring in your head for days. The vocals are muddy add that perfect sludge tone to the music. Make sure you pay close attention to the drum fills. They will blow your head off. The detail in the snares and toms are godly. Towards the end of the song you will run into a wicked guitar solo from lead guitarist Brent Hines. His guitar work carries you to another world as each melodic note takes over your mind. This is one of my favorite songs from Mastodon and definitely needs to be heard.

The fourth song on the EP is “Colony Of Birchman” which is also a live at Xfm version. This track was originally released on their 2006 album, entitled “Blood Mountain.” This is another popular song that I’ve noticed that the band plays fairly often. It’s got catchy guitar riffs along with heavy chugging guitars in the background. Meanwhile Brann Dailor completely tears it up on the drums with his complex fills and perfectly timed double bass pedals. Hines even hits you with another monstrous guitar solo that will knock you on your ass.

After watching the awesome music videos and listening to these four powerful tracks I have to say that the “Oblivion” EP is by far, the perfect EP. When you hear it the first time you will be blown away for sure. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself reaching for the repeat button constantly. I know I could listen to this for days at a time. I like that they include some old material, new material, and unreleased material all in one. And the art work is absolutely gorgeous. I know it’s been a few years now that this has been released but if you haven’t had a chance to download and listen to this EP, you should definitely get on that.


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