Monday, February 6, 2012

Vinterblot - Nether Collapse (2012)

The pagan death medal band from Italy have finally released their brand new full length album, entitled “Nether Collapse.” This is following their “For Asgard” EP which was released in 2010. The new album contains a great blend of pagan guitar riffs and other instruments along with demonic death metal vocals. It’s 10 tracks long and will have you wanting to replay the entire album over and over again.

The album starts off with a “Prelude” that consists of gloomy acoustic guitars and eerie strings that float gently in the background. The guitar riffs start to become more detailed as a lead acoustic comes in with catchy melodies. This runs right into “Upon A Reign Of Ashes.” This beast of a track comes storming in aggressive electric guitars and booming drum rolls. The verse kicks right in with vicious growls that will make you shit yourself the first time you hear them. Double bass pedals step up during the refrain and deliver a jack hammer performance. Raid snares pound away as cymbals crash around you from all directions. The upbeat tempo will definitely have you pumping your devil horns. Relentless snares punch you in the face in “Council Of Trees Beholder.” You’re gonna think that someone just unloaded a machine gun at you with all the rapid snares and double bass pedals that fly at you. Dominating guitar riffs rip you open as chugging melodies soar through the air.

“Rememberance” gives off a strong Amon Amarth type of feel as Viking like guitar riffs come rumbling in with wild drum rolls that will blow your mind. Monstrous growling vocals echo throughout the track leaving you stunned with amazement. As double bass pedals take over towards the end of the song, you’re met with bone chilling guitar solo that completely destroys the musical scales. It almost reminds me of a solo from Dethklok with its high notes and catchy melodies. Murdering guitar riffs hit you hard in the beginning of “Howling Shadow.” The verse starts immediately with low growls along with thumping bass lines. Definitely make sure you pay close attention to the drum fills in this one. The detail in the drumming is absolutely phenomenal. It’ll get you bobbing your head for sure.

“Whispering To The Headless” is one of the shorter tracks on the album running a little over three minutes long. The drum rolls are literally banging away throughout every second of the song. Meanwhile deafening guitar riffs chug away with catchy melodies. The tempo is constantly upbeat leaving you no time to catch your breath. This is the same for “The Forlorn War.” The guitar riffs are constant breakdowns throughout the entire song making you want to mosh around the whole time. Devilish growls consume you into each verse as cymbals continue to splash from left to right. This is definitely one of the heaviest song on the album.

“Nether Collapse” offers aggressive instruments with catchy melodies that is sure to grab your attention the minute you hear it. The drum fills are absolutely incredible and is definitely a “wow” factor to this album. Vinterblot is still at a very young age of their career and definitely have the potential to become known world wide. This album is a great step in the right direction. I would definitely keep an eye on this band and see what they come up with next!


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