Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amberian Dawn - Circus Black (2012)

2012 keeps getting better and better. Another electrifying symphonic metal album has been released by the talented Amberian Dawn. Their new album is titled “Circus Black.” The female fronted Finnish band is lead by the beautiful Heidi Parvianen and her ravishing operatic voice. The album contains fast melodic guitars and violent drum rolls surrounded by epic strings and keyboards.

Fast choppy guitar riffs open up the album in “Circus Black.” Jack hammer snares and kicks follow behind as the intro drops. More violent chugging guitars come rolling in after as they destroy everything in their way. The verse contains soft operatic female vocals with thumping bass lines in the background. A lot goes on during the build up to the chorus. You’re hit with magical keyboards and booming drum fills that jump right into the refrain. The female vocals really show off how high of a pitch she can reach. The melody isn’t really a catchy one however it is an epic one. “Cold Kiss” follows a similar song structure with the verses except they also include some phenomenal male vocals that soar high over the strings and guitars. The chorus goes back and forth between the two of them as they sing catchy melodies from left to right. The track includes a beautiful guitar solo towards the end that will completely sweep you off your feet.

“Crimson Flower” really reaches out and grabs you with its ravishing intro containing catchy keyboards and upbeat drums. Epic strings surround them as distorted guitars guide you to the verse. High flying female vocals enter soothingly while the drums keep a basic kick snare pattern. They include passionate piano notes right before the refrain giving an emotional feel to the song. A wild solo heavily covered in reverb shines toward the middle of the track throwing gorgeous note after gorgeous note with intense speed. Definitely make sure you check this track out. It’ll have you hitting the repeat button immediately.

You’re awaken with “Fight” and its reckless guitar solo that opens up the song. It’s nothing but non stop action as the guitars run up and down the musical scale with ease. The upbeat tempo of the drums keep you bobbing your head throughout the entire track. Pay close attention to each fill as they become more and more detailed through the song. More operatic vocals float over the relentless guitar riffs as cymbals collide heavily in the background. A wall of double bass pedaling and guitar solos hit you hard at the end and will knock you on your ass.

Later you’ll come across a jaw dropping instrumental, entitled “The Rivalry Between Good And Evil.” The lead guitar plays as the vocals and will have you humming along the entire time. Meanwhile symphonic strings take over the background while the drums go insane with splashing cymbals and rumbling double bass pedals. “Guardian” slows things down as the mood becomes more dark and emotional. This definitely reminds me of an old school Nightwish song with its Tarja like vocal deliver and angelic strings and keyboards. The drums stay at a slow tempo while guitars chug away slowly with heavy distortion. They do manage to fit in another incredible guitar solo that throws its melodies in all directions. This is another one of those “must hear” songs. Don’t miss out.

“Circus Black” has all the right elements for an awesome power metal album however their isn’t anything too unique about it. Its got solid male and female vocals with great range and pitch but they don’t really deliver as many catchy melodies as you would expect from a symphonic power metal band. The musician ship is excellent though as they display wild guitar solos in each song along with exploding drum fills that really pack a punch. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some clean power metal.


Official Site - http://www.amberiandawn.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/amberiandawn

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