Friday, March 23, 2012

Fall Of Eden - The Warrior (2012)

Coming from a small town in Illinois, a death folk metal band by the name of Fall Of Eden has stepped forward with a brand new album. “The Warrior” takes you into a world of heavy pagan riffs, monstrous growling vocals, and incredibly fast double bass pedal drumming. The album contains 11 powerful tracks in which you’ll find something unique and electrifying in each of them.

The opening track, “A Call For Blood,” kicks off with wicked guitar riffs that screech from left to right as booming drum rolls rumble behind them. The verse starts with machine gun double bass pedal drumming that will blow your mind. The speed of theses kicks are outstanding. Meanwhile reckless cymbals and relentless snares pound away as fast melodic guitar riffs carry you through the song. The vocals are a mix of vicious pagan growls that switch to clean singing in between certain riffs. A wild guitar solo hits you during the middle of the song with intense melodies with high speed. The solos run for almost two full minutes of the track. This will definitely get you hooked to the album right away, and you haven’t even heard the whole thing yet.

“Wargasm” will knock you off you seat with its wall of monstrous guitar riffs that open up the track. Monstrous screams echo into the distance as the verse comes rolling in with devilish growls. The guitar riffs are relentless with their melodic notes running up and down the scales constantly while the bass follows with similar groovy lines. Definitely make sure you check out the drumming on this track. Jack hammering double bass pedals will beat you into the grown while snares and cymbals come through and destroy you with bone crushing patterns. “Blooded Dawn” continue with aggressive guitars that have screechy tones that’ll make you flinch and yet throw your devil horns up at the same time. Rapid cymbals splash away in the background while deep growls lay on top of the guitars. The bass lines are performed with tremendous speed as they follow the guitar riffs with quick tones. Right when you think you have some time to catch your breath, “Dying Breed” steps in with more relentless snares and drums that will keep you moshing away. The growls continue with the same vicious performance hitting you harder and harder with each lyric.

Later in the album you’ll come across a track, entitled “The Legion,” which starts out with heavily distorted chords blaring in your face. More demonic growling vocals come through and sweep you off your feet with dark muddy tones. The guitars are going insane with their wild melodies that will have you constantly bobbing your head. This is definitely one those tracks that you’ll go back to again and again. “Day Of Solace” is the final track on the album and it definitely ends with a bang. Gorgeous guitar riffs float through the air with calm sounds. Soon after come the distorted riffs with thunderous drumming underneath them. The vocals have a mixed sound of shouting and growling tones. They layer these vocals together giving off an interesting sound to the chorus. The drum patterns are punishing throughout this entire track. It’s nothing but shattering cymbals with rumbling double bass pedals and snapping snares. The fills in between the verse and chorus are absolutely mind blowing. The track leaves you wanting so much more, so be ready to replay this beast of an album.

“The Warrior” is full of wild energy that will keep you moving throughout its entirety. Each track fires away with ruthless guitar riffs, hell raising solos, and explosive drum patterns that’ll pulverize your speakers. Fall Of Eden show us their talented musicianship and songwriting skills in this death folk metal album. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing definitely check these guys out.


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