Monday, March 19, 2012

Massive Pain - Demo (2012)

Stepping out of the shadows of Korinthos, Greece comes a vicious new thrash metal band by the name of Massive Pain. After forming in the beginning of 2011 the four piece has released their new demo this past February as they provide hell raising guitar solos and monstrous vocals that are sure to catch your attention.

The “Intro” opens up the demo with dominating riffs that chug away as thunderous kicks and snares rumble heavily beneath you. An electrifying guitar solo jumps over the top with soaring melodic notes that will spin you in circles as they wrap around you head with quick speeds. This goes on for about two minutes straight until it fades into the song “Runaway.” This wild track introduces the bands lead vocalist, Panos H. His raspy aggressive voice gives off a beast of a sound adding an angry tone to his words. Heavily distorted guitar riffs destroy the background of the verse as they are accompanied by rapid kicks and snares that beat you into the ground relentlessly. The middle of the song comes to a halt when all of the instruments fade. A single guitar continues to float with its catchy melodies. Its calm tones play alone for about a minutes straight before you are awakened by wicked guitars and a wild solo. The vocals step back in towards the end with more heavy lyrics before track fades to an end.

The third track on the demo is “Hell Is Here” and by the sound of its demonic chords and aggressive guitars that surround you, this title isn’t kidding. Dark lyrics come blaring out of your speakers as quick double bass pedal patterns collide with pounding snares and shattering cymbals. The high tempo of the guitars will have you moshing in your own home for sure. The demo is wrapped up with “At War” which opens with some incredibly detailed drum rolls crushing you with toms and snares. Fast chugging guitar riffs quickly follow with catchy melodies as the vocals step in with more vicious shouting. Each verse ends with a powerful guitar solo that will knock you out of your chair. Make sure you pay close attention to the bass in the track. You’ll find some monstrous bass lines with catchy melodies as well. Things come to an end with another explosive guitar solo throwing notes at you from all directions as the drums completely annihilate everything in its path. It’ll make you feel as if you’re watching them live as they perform a closing finale. The track will definitely have you hooked as you’ll find yourself replaying the track again and again.

The demo has a decent recording quality but could use a few minor tweaks but besides that everything is pretty clear and in the open. The vocals were a huge part to this band and will have you wanting more. There’s a lot of energy from the instruments as well as you’ll find the guitar solos quite fitting to all of the heavy riffs and relentless drum rolls. Definitely check the demo out and keep an eye on what Massive Pain comes up with next.


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