Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Futility - The View From Here (2012)

Deep in the heart of Australia, comes a young death doom band by the name of Futility. You don’t really hear of too many doom metal bands from Australia but this wicked group is taking over in the underground scene. The band has recently released their new full length album, entitled “The View From Here.” They provide dark surroundings with depressive guitar riffs and harsh vocals. This all follows vicious drum patterns and bone crushing drum rolls.

The album starts out slow with “Drowning” which has haunting keyboards and a calm guitar melody that floats softly in the dictance. This fades in little by little over the course of the two minutes. Then comes the violence. In come heavily distorted guitars slam with demonic chords in a slow tempo. Double bass pedals quickly introduce themselves with thumping kicks and shattering cymbals. Snares follow with explosive patterns as the vocals begin to chime in. The verse releases a frightening growl that runs right through you with its low heavy tones. Depressive melodies set around you consuming you deep into the track. The drum patterns are exciting as they constantly change with unique drum rolls in between certain vocals. This will keep you at the edge of your seat at all times. The tempo picks up towards the middle of the song as muddy guitars begin chugging away with monstrous riffs. This forces you to bash your head to the rhythm. This ten minute monster is an awesome way to start off the album.

This is followed by another ten minute track by the name of “Another Black Day.” It starts with ominous guitar riffs that blast away at you with heavy distortion. The drums jump in and out crushing you with each and every deadly fill as the vocals begin to rip you apart with its harsh tones. The track contains some violent breakdowns towards the middle of the track as a wall chugging guitars surround you with evil chords. Later a lead guitar comes in with hypnotizing notes completely grabs you and pulls you deep into the music. Pay close attention to the drum rolls also. Their complex fills explode at the end of every vocal knocking off you feet. High cymbals collide over the chugging chords completely filling the background with sharp spikes. Towards the end you’ll come across guitar mellow guitar part where all other instrument drop out leaving you with this soothing melody. Drums fade back in but stay with a basic pattern allowing you to focus on the beautiful guitar riff. The transformation that this song takes throws you in a completely different direction. It gives you a side of darkness and violence and at the same times, a side of passion and emotion.

Heading towards one of their shorter songs, “Nothing,” which runs for about eight minutes and 50 seconds, fades in with a booming entrance as a light guitar riff plays repeatedly as mesmerizing drum rolls fill the air with pulverizing fills and complex patterns. The double bass alone will have you hooked. After about into the song comes blaring guitar riffs full of screechy wretchedness. The vocals have sort of a different approach as they are performed in more of a melancholy cry that turns into a scream. It took me a few listens before it finally grew on me. You won’t be able to help but want to hear more of the eerie guitar melodies that fill the air with miserable tones. This is some solid doom at its best. Let the vocals grow on you and follow through the entire track. The final few minutes are absolutely incredible. A little before the six minute mark comes a rush of demonic yet gorgeous guitar riffs that chug away violently as cymbals begin to smash together recklessly in the background. The catchy riff will have you wanting to hit the repeat button immediately after the song ends. Dominating growls come back towards the end striking you with fiery tones. The song continues the catchy riffs as the some begins to fade to an end. The drum is well delivered all the sway to the final seconds mixing up toms and snares in rumbling fills. You don’t wanna miss out on this track.

Towards the end of the album you come across a cover of the song “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. When I first saw this I thought they were just going to completely change their style and try to play and sing the song like Pink Floyd but I was completely wrong. This cover absolutely blew me away. Monstrous guitars dive in with wicked distortion sweeping you right off your feet. Cymbals are constantly crashing as the kick and snare jump back and forth repetitively. Then the verse starts. Vicious growls echo into the air sending a chill down my spine. The deliver in this song is just phenomenal and will absolutely blow your mind. Definitely make sure you check this cover out.

“The View From Here” is an extraordinary album that takes you to a whole other world of darkness and beauty. Each song is loaded with tons of melodies and detailed drum fills and runs anywhere from eight to 15 minutes long. Each song has a specific feel to it separating them from each other and yet constantly delivers the death doom sound you know and love. Definitely make sure you check out Futility!


Official Site - http://metalworx.com.au/futility/

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