Thursday, April 12, 2012

Locus Neminis - Weltenwanderung (2012)

Locus Neminis is an unknown band from Austria that is stirring up a beast of an album. Their new album, entitled “Weltenwanderung,” brings bone chilling black metal screams and growls straight to you served on a platter of evil guitar riffs and wicked fast double bass pedal drum patterns. They consume you with dark synths and strings destroy you with heavy chugging guitar riffs at lightening speeds.

The album opens with eerie atmospheric sounds that glide gently through the air in “Spiegelbild Der Vergangenheit.” After about a minute into the track comes flailing guitar riffs at top notch speeds and overwhelming kicks and snares. The guitars scream with demonic chords while jack hammering double bass pedals crush you into the ground with booming energy. Horrid black metal vocals enter in the verse with devilish tones and aggressive sounds. Later you’ll also come across another set of vocals only this time its more of a deep deathly growl that rumbles heavily beneath you. In between verses the band adds haunting piano riffs that are evil and gorgeous at the same time. As the song fades you’ll run right into “Weltenwanderung” which has a mix of wretched guitars and creepy piano riffs that are meshed together. Deeping heaving growls join in knocking you straight to the ground. The instruments even out a bit as the piano steps forward and plays a dark catchy riff. Wild guitars follow running up and down the scales with quick speeds and eerie melodies. Meanwhile the drums are constantly beating you down with relentless double bass pedals and shattering cymbals that echo throughout the track. The speed of the double bass pedals are absolutely astonishing. This is definitely a track you’ll wanna really play a few times.

Later you come across another chilling track, entitled “Wanduhr.” Machine gun double bass pedals and chugging guitars plow through you with vicious melodies as the keyboards come in the more eerie notes as the frightening deep growls come back in delivering large huffs are devilish lyrics. The high pitch screaming joins with more ominous sounds. The double bass pedal drums blast away with complex details and violent rolls. Towards the end comes an intense guitar solo full of high string action and hell raising melodies. “Totes Licht” follows up with rumbling guitars and double bass pedals with relentless snares that snap away in the background forcing you to throw up your devil horns and bash your head recklessly. The high black metal screams continue to stab at you with sharp screeches and aggressive tones. The guitar riffs deliver high powered melodies that seem as if they were written by the devil himself. Don’t be surprised if your speaker burst in this one.

The closing track on the album is called “Die Begegung” and it shows a few more elements then the rest of the album has. The keyboards play a much bigger part as well. Immediately you come across a wall of vicious guitar riffs that are surrounded by evil strings and pulverizing drums. For a brief moment, all of the instrument drop except for a calm acoustic guitar when suddenly distorted guitars rip right through them with electrifying riffs. This reminded me of an Opeth sort of style. Booming drum fills completely destroy the background with detailed rolls and explosive energy. The vocals stay wicked and demonic with devil growls and poisonous screams. The detail in structure keeps this ruthless track unique as it constantly throws different melodies and instruments at you from all different angles. Definitely make sure you follow through this fully loaded masterpiece.

Little is known about the symphonic black metal band Locus Neminis however the album shows just how vicious and relentless they truly are. “Weltenwanderung” reaches all aspects of black metal and gives you a taste of multiple set of vocals leaving you hooked and always waiting for what’s next. Perhaps it’s too soon to tell where this black metal band will go but I would definitely keep an eye out for them in the near future. This is just the beginning for this young talented band.


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  2. Solid review. I'd say one of the few that I do agree with (in English, of course). Applause for omitting the lame references to Dimmu Borgir because this album has absolutely nothing to do with Dimmu's old production and in fact, at all.