Friday, April 6, 2012

Potergeist - Muddy Murmaids (2012)

Swamp metal. This is what the southern metal band Potergeist lists themselves as. This five piece rock group from Greece has recently come out with their new album, entitled “Muddy Murmaids.” The album is an interesting mix of blues, stoner metal, and southern rock. The vocals stay pretty consistent with rough clean tones that occasional switch to a form of violent yelling. The album is full of energy and will definitely have you up on your feet rocking out at all times.

The first track, “Forgiven,“ opens with a man speaking “Forgive me god, but I’m about to rock again” as sounds of rain fall in the background. Crashing cymbals give a count when the guitars fall in with wild melodies and thumping bass lines. The verse comes in with clean singing vocals with a spark of aggression. The vocalist has an interesting southern tone to his voice that of Phil Anselmo of Pantera. His raspy lyrics send a strong rock and roll kind feel to the song. “The Next Man” picks the beat right back up with catchy riffs and booming drum rolls making you want to bob your head to the beat. The vocals continue to flow smoothly until a small clip of screechy screaming interrupts things for a moment. This compliments the song and keeps things unique. The screaming is brief but that’s all it really needed to add a different kind of spark to the mix. Later you’ll come across a bluesy guitar solo that hypnotizes you with its wild melodies.

“Rivers And Oceans” steps in with wild guitar melodies as back up guitars distroy the background with violent chugging riffs. The cymbals collide high above the snapping snares and kicks while the bass rumbles heavily beneath you. The verse contains their aggressive lyrics that they’ve been providing however the chorus consists of some heavy growls that’ll knock you flat on the ground. Again helping the sound stay refreshing and different. While “Beggar” takes you to an even faster speed of drums and uplifting guitars, “Smokestack Lightnin’” leans strongly towards the blues with its calm groovy guitars and catchy melodies. The lead guitar definitely must have had some fun with this one as you’ll hear him go off in his own little world of melodies every once in a while. The vocals are a bit lighter in this song not stealing the show as much as they do in some of the earlier ones. This is the time to really pay close attention to the impressive guitar work. Even the solo near the end is off the wall. You’ll find yourself playing this one over and over again.

The album closes with “Muddy Mermaids” followed by “Rebel.” “Muddy Mermaids” gives a whole different sound altogether with its eerie clean sing that has mellow tones to it. They’re layered with female vocals as well giving mixed emotions. Meanwhile the guitar riff floats lightly in the background as it waits for the verse to be over. Then comes the heavily distorted guitars slammed violently in a slow tempo follow the simple drum patterns underneath. The vocals come back in as la couple again only the male vocals pick it up with the aggressiveness. Together they give off this eerie southern sound that really paints a clear image of the track. The second verse picks back up with more soothing vocals and calm guitar melodies. Detail bass lines begin to rumble in as wicked guitar begin to chug away again. This track leaves you wanting more and more you wont be able to help but hit the repeat button. When you do finally manage to move on to “Rebel” you’ll be rudely awakened by relentless guitar riffs that fly by you with rapid speed. The drums are intense with complex drum fills and hell vocals. You’ll find the album definitely goes out with a bang. Before you know it you’re back to the beginning of the album, fist in the air and head rocking out to the whole album all over again.

“Muddy Mermaids” has got some catchy southern sounds to it and definitely keeps your head bobbing constantly throughout the album. The recording quality is excellent as you’ll find everything to be crystal clear in each mix. Some of the songs in the beginning start to blend together as they contain similar structure and twanginess in the guitars but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself and rocking out to a good ol' southern metal album. Plus the last couple of track really step things up. Potergeist definitely has a lot of potential in their music and is a band that you’ll want to keep an eye on in the future.


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