Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deathlehem - Epic Of Creation (2012)

A new melodic death metal band by the name of Deathlehem begins to shines in the metal world. This five piece group out of Montreal has recently releases their new EP, entitled “Epic Of Creation.” With clear quality of recording and well written tracks, it’s easy to hear why this EP is worth your time.

The first track, “Epic Of Creations,” opens with a fast melodic riff with monstrous guitars chugging in the background. The vocals light you up with a heavy grunt that echoes over the everything. The verses contain thrashing death metal growls that will knock you on your ass. Double bass pedals drill through you with wicked fast patterns combined with punishing snares and crashing cymbals. The complex fills are absolutely breath taking. The middle of the track has some dark spoken word as eerie guitars set up the background. You’ll also come across a groovy bass line that takes you right into the final verse. Destructive drums and chugging riffs fill the air as the vocals continue with overwhelming grunts.

“Bludgeon The Cortex” jumps right in with more monstrous growls. Double bass pedals become relentless as they rumble heavily underneath you throughout the entire track. Catchy melodic guitars consume you forcing you to throw your devil horns up and begin to mosh. You’ll find the bass to jump in and out of the background with more groovy melodies that run up and down the scales. Towards the final two minutes of the track, you’re hit with an insane guitar solo that drops melodic notes from all directions. This is followed by muddy guitar riffs that chug away with devilish tones while the vocals come in and just destroy you.

An upbeat double bass pattern kicks in with “Suffocation By The Hands Of Man.” This track holds more of a thrash feel with its constant kick snare patterns mixed with aggressive growls that are thrown at you with quickness. The guitar riffs are interesting as they constantly switch up from melodic riffs to mashed up chugging riffs. Meanwhile the drums are constantly throwing more double bass in your face. “Apocalyptic Spawn” jumps at you with tons of energy as exploding drum rolls and snapping snares pick up a fast tempo. Melodic screeching guitars hop right on board with catchy riffs layered with more chugging riffs underneath. The growls echo throughout the entire track with vicious lyrics and a solid delivery. By then end you’ll be left begging for more.

“Epic Of Creation” provides you with a wicked blend of melodic bass and guitar riffs while sending sharp guitar solos over monstrous chugging riffs as well. The EP packs and punch and is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat throughout its entirety. The vocals give a solid performance in each track and will definitely send chills down your spine. Keep in eye out for Deathlehem, the band has got lots of potential.


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