Thursday, May 24, 2012

Litrosis - I Am Death (2012)

Litrosis is a solid extreme metal band from Greece. They have recently released their new album, entitled "I Am Death." Its got a solid mix of symphonic black metal tones mixed with death metal riffs. The tracks are full of complex structure and constant melodic solos. It'll definitely have you gasping for air throughout its entirety.

The album opens with a quick minute and a half introduction that contains chanting choirs and keyboard sound effect. It almost sounds like it could be part of a movie score. It definitely sets up an evil image for "Insomniac's Lullaby." This track comes rolling in with exploding drums and machine gun double bass patterns. The rhythm will have you bobbing your head immediately. Meanwhile melodic death metal guitar riffs fly in with wicked fast speed. Devilish black metal vocals take over the verse with wretched screams that echo throughout the track. The guitars are constantly in solo mode throwing wild notes at you from all directions. This track will definitely get your blood pumping. This is then followed by "Soulcide" which is has a very interesting intro. The first minute and a half is all acoustic guitar riffs played with quick speed and melodic tones. Double bass fill the background giving a violent sound to the mix. Soon after, the acoustic guitars switch over to distorted electric guitars that continue the same melody. Vicious growls come roaring in and completely tear you apart.

Then their is a song like "Burn The Sun" which just completely switches up the bands style and sound as they add dark clean singing and ominous spoken word to the mix. The guitars continue with the relentless melodies and background chugging while the drums go off on a rampage with booming double bass pedals that go on throughout the entire track giving you no time to even breath. Cymbals shatter high in the background while snares are constantly beating you down with each and every hit. "Countless Wounds" continues the slaughter with hell raising guitar riffs and wicked solos. The haunting screams take over the track with a violent performance. They kept this track short as it runs for just over two minutes but it leads you right into "I Am Death" which beats you into the ground with its rumbling double bass patterns and constant snares that hit you in the face. The vocals are also non stop with monstrous growls that'll make you shit yourself. Definitely make sure you check this track out.

The one song that may throw you off a bit is "In The Grave You Go Alone." The first minute is a mixture of catchy piano riffs and strings that play in a soothing tempo. Its angelic melodies will rock you right to sleep. The comes in calm drum rolls and mellow guitar riffs. Clean singing vocals take over with calm clear emotional lyrics. Eventually distorted guitars come blasting through the background with slow chugging chords. The track is good however it just doesn't seem to fit the album very well. The entire time you hear wicked black metal screams and fast melodic guitars and then out of no where you come across this track. I understand some albums need to a have a good ballad or two but the album should have done without it.

"I Am Death" has a lot to offer with all of its different elements. The guitar work is absolutely phenomenal and that alone is why you should check this album out. On top of that, the growls and screams stayed very consistent and the recording quality was just right. As I said before, they could have done without "In The Grave You Go Alone" but besides that their isn't one track you want to skip.


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