Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lotus Circle - Caves (2012)

We've recently done a couple reviews for some great bands in Greece. Unfortunately Lotus Circle is not one of those great bands. They are considered blackened drone and doom metal however after hearing a few tracks I don't think that they are either of those genres. From their new album, entitled "Caves," the band really doesn't show any kind of creativity in their instruments or even in the structure of the tracks. The album has five tracks averaging between five and ten minutes. But unfortunately they are all just filled with nonsense.

The opening track, "To Witness Under The Stars," is a nine minute and 42 second track that puts you to sleep in multiple ways. It starts with horribly distorted guitar riffs that are drenched in effects. The worst part is that it replays the same melody for over four minutes long. Drums never come in. There are no cymbals shattering or snares blasting in your face. It just leaves you waiting and waiting. And finally, when the song does change, all it changes into is a bunch of sound effects and muffled spoken word that you can't even hear clearly. It sounds like you're a huge church with all of the reverb that is added. This goes on for about two minutes straight when suddenly guitar riffs come back in with slow patterns. They play this new riff over and over again for the final three minutes of the track with nothing else. Some drone sound effects and distorted guitars, that's it.

"Dawn Of A Dead Sun" is even worse because it literally plays the same wretched guitar riff for over six minutes in a row. No drums and vocals or anything. The structure doesn't change at all throughout any of it. "Secret Entity's" and " From The Depths" somewhat play a few more notes than the other tracks but even they become very repetitive with no interaction with any other instruments except for some futuristic space like sound effects that really have nothing to do with anything.

There is still one more song on this album but i was unable to stand listening to anymore of it. "Caves" has got to be some sort of joke. Either that or someone really untalented thinks they did a great job. Either way the recording is terrible, the structure is boring as hell, and most of the tracks are just a bunch of noise. Do not waste your time with this album nor this band. Unless you're into boring sound effects and basic song structures.


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