Monday, May 14, 2012

Midnight Realm - Polarissima (2012)

Midnight Realm is a brand new band shining light on new melodic death metal. They have just released their debut EP, Entitled “Polarissima.” The six piece band from the U.K. shares their violent riffs and catchy refrains in this explosive five track demo. They give you everything from growls and clean singing along with acoustic guitars to messy distortion.

The EP starts out with a short minute and a half intro, entitled “Polarissima.” It contains gloomy acoustic melodies that open into a beautiful melody. Captivating keyboards surround you with angelic sounds that lead you straight into “Abstract Connections.” This is where your hit with an avalanche of fast chugging guitar riffs and relentless double bass pedal drumming. The lead guitar throws constant melodic riffs that will have you bobbing your head throughout the entire track. The verses take over with violent screams and growls that’ll knock you on your ass the minute you hear them. The vocals switch over to a clean singing vocal that glides through the air with catchy tones. You’ll come across a gorgeous piano solo towards the end of the track that mixes itself with a reckless guitar solo as well. This track definitely gets your blood pumping.

“Solaris” comes out swing with booming drum patterns and wild double bass pedals. Meanwhile wicked guitar riffs throw rapid notes running up and down the musical scale sending a chill down your spine. Monstrous growls rip through you like a dagger as machine gun snares run wild with rumbleing kicks underneath. The chorus contains catchy lyrics that’ll have you singing along in no time. The melody will be stuff in your head for days. “Mystic Revelations” wastes no time as aggressive growls jump right in with the verse as more vicious guitar riffs chug away with quick speed. The upbeat tempo keeps you up and moshing throughout the whole track.

“Requiem” shows a little more of a progressive side to the EP. This seven minute rollercoaster takes you up and down through gorgeous riffs and devilish breakdowns. It’s tough to keep up with the constant change in tempo. The song structure definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Booming drums destroy the background as cymbals shatter left and right. The vocals constantly switch between growls and clean singing and will leave you wanting more and more. By the time this Epic track is over you’re gonna be hitting that repeat button immediately.

“Polarissima” is a well balanced EP that displays a good amount of both growling and clean singing. They provide you with just enough of each to really attract all who listen. The guitar work is phenomenal and will definitely blow your mind with all of the exciting guitar solos they have to offer. Midnight Realm is still fresh to the underground metal scene and definitely have a lot of potential.


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