Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teodasia - Upwards (2012)

Get ready as a new epic sound begins to spark. Italy’s talented Teodasia has taken over the ears of many while releasing their new album, entitled “Upwards.” This glorious album contains twelve ravishing tracks that are filled with violins, keyboards, uplifting strings and heavy guitars. And to top it all off, the band is led by the beautiful Priscilla Fiazza and her captivating vocals.

A set of uplifting strings and slightly distorted guitars open up this album with “Intro-Spection.” This three minute instrumental draws a clear picture of fantasy and adventure. It sounds like it could be in the opening credits of a Sci-Fi film. This slowly fades into “Temptress” which is a four and a half minute masterpiece. It’s got upbeat piano melodies and blaring guitar riffs. The drums roll at a basic tempo keeping you head bobbing throughout the track. A beautiful clean female vocal steps into the light with ravishing tones and catchy lyrics. The refrain is catchy as all hell as you find yourself singing along immediately. High powered strings consume the background as the kicks and snares become more heavier along with catchy distorted guitars. You can’t help but notice how perfect the vocals go with the strings as they almost play as an instrument them selves. Already Fiazza shows off her operatic reach. She has a solid ranch of high and low octaves. You’ll find more of this in “Revolutions” as she continues with low end vocals during the verses then kicks it up a notch during the epic chorus. The band even mixes her vocals up with male vocals layered on top in the song “Lost Words Of Forgiveness.” The keyboards take over when the vocals rest carrying you through the bridge. Theses catchy melodies will have you whistling along in no time. There is also some chugging guitars and exploding drum in the mix as well. This shows more of the bands aggressive side.

The album also jumps through a few ballads. “Close Call” and “Aurora” Slow things down with gorgeous strings and piano melodies while the band lets Fiazza take over with her ravishing vocals. “Close Call” uses more piano and strings with a few acoustic guitar riffs in between. Meanwhile “Aurora” sounds like it could be found in a score from Final Fantasy with it’s angelic sounds of mixed keyboards and shining piano notes. You’ll also come across a song called “A Powerful Life” which is quite a ballad but starts out like one. It opens with calm piano riffs and soothing female vocals. Later come the upbeat guitar riffs full of distortion. The drums take over the background with basic kick and snare patterns that occasionally end with a detailed fill. This is definitely another catchy track that you won’t want to miss.

“Eulogy” is a track that stands on its own. It’s the second to last song on the album and it is phenomenal. Aside from a few short humming melodies from Fiazza at the end, the track is a full instrumental. It combines many different strings and violins along with shimmering cymbals high in the background. The song takes you to a whole other world. It breaks down into many different parts as you’ll come across an aggressive side with chugging guitars and booming drum rolls and yet it also has many areas of calm violins and soothing keyboards. You won’t be able to help but play this song over and over again.

“Upwards” is an amazing album that shines from all aspects. From the uplifting strings and violins, to the hypnotizing from Fiazza, the album grabs you and pulls you deep into the mix. Each song is well written and well recorded and keeps each track refreshing in its own way. Teodasia is definitely a band that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.


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