Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fear Factory - The Industrialist (2012)

It's time to turn up those speakers kids. Fear Factory is back with their eighth studio album, entitled "The Industrialist." The album contains ten intense tracks of nothing but monstrous riffs and violent vocals. The drumming alone is a real rush when blasted through a pair of sub woofers. The double bass pedal patterns will have you up and moshing in your own living room.

The album starts out with "The Industrialist," which opens with eerie spoken word and dark keyboards in the background. Drums begin to rumble as distorted guitars start to surround you. Next thing you know you're in a whirl chaos. Massive amounts of double bass pedal drums and violent chugging guitars thrash at you. Lead vocalist Burton C. Bell comes in with beastly shouting vocals that will knock you off your feet. Insane double bass pedal continue to pound away at you as your beaten into the ground by thunderous guitar riffs. This track will definitely have you up and thrashing immediately. The violence doesn't stop there. "Recharger" throws more relentless chugging guitar riffs at you while Bell destroys you with reckless lyrics. The refrain has a catchy ring to as as Bell switches over to clean singing. His voice echoes high over the jack hammering guitars surrounding you with dark beauty. The verse become more and more vicious as vocals turn into deeper growls at certain points. Your definitely going to have your devil horns up and thrashing to this beast.

"New Messiah" is the heart and soul of this album as it pulverizes you with monstrous waves of guitar riffs and thumping bass patterns. Relentless double bass pedal drumming rumbles heavily underneath you while cymbals crash from all directions. The thing that really completes this track is the clean vocals in the refrain and its memorable melodies that become stuck in your head for days. It holds a real beauty and the beast feel to the mix and will have you hitting the replay button multiple times.

"God Eater" and "Depraved Mind Murder" remind you that Fear Factory is still an industrial band which I personally am not a big fan of the genre but if any band can pull it off well it's this one. Futuristic sound effects and synths take over the background as wild chugging guitars lead you to the chorus. "Depraved Mind Murder" also has a catchy melody that will have you humming along with the melody. "Difference Engine" goes a little overboard with the industrial sound effects in the beginning of the track but its still definitely worth it to check out. The exploding guitar riffs will have you addicted the entire time while Bell steps in with more monstrous vocals. Meanwhile booming drum rolls show off with reckless double bass blast beats and complex fills.

"The Industrialist" is a solid industrial metal album that delivers everything and more. Fear Factory has been around for quite some time putting out solid albums that hold a unique sound from each other. This album is definitely worth checking out. There's a good mix of solos, thrashing guitar riffs, and relentless double bass pedals that are sure to have you hooked.


Official Site - http://fearfactory.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/fearfactoryofficial

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