Friday, July 27, 2012

Cyclophonia - Impact Is Imminent (2012)

All the way from the Norwegian black metal scene comes... a power metal band? Yes, Cyclophonia goes above and beyond what Norway is known for in their metal world and delivers you a brand new power metal album by the name "Impact Is Imminent." This album has got eight tracks of soaring vocals, crazy double bass pedal drumming and relentless guitar solos that carry you into a whole other world.

The album opens with "Impact Is Imminent" which jumps right into fast chugging guitars and galloping double bass pedals that'll have you bobbing your head right away. The vocals enter with epic clean singing that reaches high and low octaves. The style of music definitely reminds me of the power metal band Freedom Call. The even hit you with an insane guitar solo towards the end of the track. Wild melodies run up and down the scales with lightning speed. this is definitely a great opener to this fast pace album.

"Warbird" continues with chugging guitars and high pitch vocals in the verses. The drum rolls become even more complex sending thunderous beats at you violently. The refrain is loaded with catchy melodies and lyrics that'll have you singing along in no time. The guitar solo comes out of no where in the middle of the song and will definitely knock you out of your chair. The speed of the solo is just mind blowing as gorgeous melodies fly through the air. More explosive drum patterns beat you into the ground in "The Mirror." The vocals are aggressive but jump up and down in pitch giving you a good mix of operatic sounds and classic rock tones. The refrain grabs you immediately with catchy high pitch vocals and melodic guitars in the background. Monstrous drum rolls rumble beneath you as you're attacked by shattering cymbals from above. Also the double bass pedal patterns are absolutely tremendous. You'll definitely find yourself going back to this track again.

Later in the album you'll come across the song "The Hero." It starts with fading echoing vocals that smash right into heavy distorted riffs along with detailed drum rolls. The verses continue with the melodic riffs as epic clean singing come in with solid vocals. The refrain is what really draws you into this track. It contains some really catchy lyrics that'll definitely be stuck in your head for days. A gorgeous piano riff follows into the middle of the song along with deep bass lines and calm tempos. An electric guitar slowly fades in on top playing a beautiful ballad solo that will sweep you right off of your feet. They then cut right back to the aggressive galloping drums and fast guitar work. This is definitely the backbone to the album and is a must hear if your looking for their best work. This goes for "Hand Of The Righteous" as well. The guitar melodies are upbeat an full of excitement and the chorus is full of catchy lyrics that will have you singing along immediately.

It's tough for power metal bands to really stand out now a days but Cyclophonia has shown that they can stand out from other bands and have their own sound. The guitar work on the album is absolutely astonishing and will send chills down your spine with every riff. The lead vocalist has a solid delivery and can really hit all kinds of notes and pitch. They definitely have an epic side and an aggressive side to them. Keep an eye out for this band and their future projects.


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