Friday, July 13, 2012

Vintersorg - Orkan (2012)

Just judging by the amazing art work it's pretty clear that you're in for an adventure. Vintersorg is back yet again with an even more incredible album than the last. Their new album, entitled "Orkan," is the bands eighth full length studio album and contains 8 magnificent tracks. These tracks contain tons of complex instruments, gorgeous clean vocals, and growls that'll make you shit yourself. The band only consists of two members however they list a bunch of names of session musicians that helped out along the way.

The opening track, "Istid," wastes no time with the verses as epic clean vocals rush in combined with violent guitar riffs blasting in the background. These switch back and forth with devilish growls that send chills down your spine. The chorus contains both vocals layered over one another giving that beauty and the beast type of tone to the music. Meanwhile the guitar riffs jump back and forth between dark melodic riffs and vicious chugging riffs. Double bass pedals run right over you with booming bass tones and shattering cymbals in the background. They also include some jolly stringed instruments that make you want to get up and dance and yet mosh at the same time. The keyboards towards the middle of the track are absolutely phenomenal. This is definitely the perfect track this powerful album.

Later you'll come across song by the name of "Polarnatten" which is a seven and half minute masterpiece. The beginning opens with some melodic strings that have a very catchy ring to them. Then you are completely blown away by monstrous growling vocals that come in and knock you right on your ass. Meanwhile haunting guitar riffs run over you with evil melodies and stomping drums. The refrains turns into a more upbeat catchy song with clean vocals that will have you singing along in no time. Fast pace chugging guitars are accompanied by jolly keyboards and then drops right into the violent verses that are full of monstrous growls. The track has you leaning in all directions when it comes to emotion. One minute its dark and vicious and the next it's all happy and catchy and makes you want to dance.

"Myren" has some really catchy strings in the beginning that will have you hooked immediately. Wicked growls jump in about a minute after. They give off a strong black metal feel to track. Of course they manage to fit in the higher pitched clean vocals as well throwing you into a whole other direction. The structure in some of these tracks are absolutely astonishing and will definitely have you at the edge of your seat the entire time. "Havets Nad" opens with ocean waves and catchy guitars. The vocals start out by ripping you apart with violent growls while a beautiful violin plays in the background. Then comes soaring clean vocals that take over the refrain with catchy melodies and guitars. They layer the vocals a few times in the chorus giving it a fuller sound. The violins in the background truly add beauty to the mix. You'll definitely find yourself going back to the track again and again.

Vintersorg has really outdone themselves with this new album. "Orkan" hits you with all sorts of elements from catchy melodic orchestration to monstrous guitar riffs and relentless growls that pound you into the ground. The complex drum rolls have you up on your feet from beginning to end giving you no time to rest. I can only imagine what kind of spectacular show they put on live. Definitely take some time and check this album out.


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