Thursday, August 30, 2012

Koboloris - Koboloris (EP) (2012)

If you're looking for some new black metal talent then Koboloris is definitely the place to start. Their self titled EP has four overwhelming tracks that send you into a whole other realm. Bone crushing drums and black metal screams will have you desperately gasping for air. Meanwhile you'll be swept off your feet by some incredible guitar work.

Ominous strings automatically fill the air in "Malign Inspiration." They are quickly joined by screeching distorted guitars and pounding snares. Cymbals echo in the background as a heavy kick begins to beat you into the ground. Wretched vocals step in with devilish tones. The energy of the instruments will have you up and moshing immediately. Some of the mix is a little unclear in the middle of the track when you come across some wild drum rolls. It seems that some of the snares are a little too over powering compared to the guitars and kick. They add an interesting flange to the drums when the vocals come back in. This adds a very unique sound to the mix. The vocals continue with their evil echoes in "Obscure Schemes Of Dominance." First come the light orchestrated strings and messy guitar riffs. The drums drop in with deafening cymbals and snares that will shatter your skull. The guitars pick up a catchy melody about half way through the track completely taking you be surprise. The vocals come thrashing through violently with demonic tones. You're even introduced to a darker growl for just a short time right before eerie spoken words step in. Then that catchy guitar solo comes soaring in with the melody as before. This will definitely have you hitting the repeat button.

The third track on the EP, entitled "Woods Of Kobolorum," starts off with an upbeat drum roll with complex fills in between. Chugging guitars take over the background as they lead you right into venomous black metal screeches. The evilness in the vocals will send chills down your spine. The verses are really stretched out in the seven minute piece. They add some unique synth sounds underneath while relentless guitars destroy everything in their way. The blaring distortion alone will knock you out of your seat. You definitely have to play this track a few times to catch all of its details but this is a must hear track.

The EP comes to a close with a five minute and 46 second track, entitled "Astral Gate To The Infernal." Haunting synthesizers start things off along with some other orchestrated instruments. This is quickly interrupted by thunderous drums rolls and monstrous guitar riffs. They chug away as cymbals crash violently in the background. The vocals come through with a sharp delivery and a few different reverb effects. You'll run into a short guitar solo in the middle of the track as it is followed up with reckless drum patterns. The snares completely beat you into the ground as they are non stop along with the kick drum as well. The double bass patterns will have you pumping your devil horns in the air constantly. This is by far the deadly track on the EP. It definitely leaves you wanting more.

The EP has some ups and downs as far as the mixing and mastering goes. It seems that some of the levels are off in certain areas. Black metal is known for its low quality recording but i think some of these areas could have been recorded better. As far as the actual music goes, Koboloris provides you with some devilish surroundings and dark melodies. The vocals are outstanding and will definitely out some fear in you. This is a band worth keeping an eye on.


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