Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spiral - Mind Trip In A Minor (2012)

The psychedelic Spiral is back with another mind blowing album, entitled "Mind Trip In A Minor." It was released in June of 2012. It contains nine solid tracks of mesh and madness. Be prepared for lots of odd sounds and sound effects along with some awesome drum rolls and punchy bass lines. This is psychedelic ambient rock at its best.

The album opens with "Watch My Fucking Head" which start out with eerie clean vocals that contain a very haunting voice effect on them. Meanwhile a dark keyboard plays gentle behind it along with soothing strings. The vocals definitely giv a very ghostly feel to the song. Later come the thunderous drum rolls throwing toms and snares at you from every direction. The guitars continue with the eerie melody that was displayed in the beginning only they add distortion and deep bass lines. The keyboards come back in towards the middle of the track with carnival like tones that blend between upbeat and demonic. Static vocals enter with unclear filters that really mash up the lyrics to where you can barely tell what is being said. This is clearly the sound that they were going for. Towards the final two minutes of this nine minute beast comes a wild melodic guitar riff that will absolutely blow you away. The notes are relentless and will definitely send chills down your spine.

You can find some really groovy bass lines in "Cave In The Oak" and "Down The Rabbit Hole." They both open with mellow bass tones and light drum rolls. The keyboards also play a big part especial in "Down The Rabbit Hole." They give a very trippy feel to the mix as they use strange sounds and wild effects. You also run into the same eerie vocals that you ran into at the very beginning of the album. I have very mixed feelings about these vocals. They aren't melodic and pleasant in any way however they are so farfetched that it actually leaves you wanting to hear more of it. On top of that you get more carnival like synths in the background that really help fill the track.

The madness doesn't stop there though. "Ritual Of The Snake" sends you into a whole other dimension of futuristic keyboards and head bobbing drum rolls. Distorted guitars blast away in the background with scratchy tones and more booming bass lines. Harsh shouting vocals fire away about half way through the track. They're covered in messy filters leaving an unclear sound. Then you're hit with another insane guitar solo that runs up and down the musical scale like its nothing. They add a few filler parts in between the verse and the solo but its all worth it when you those parts. You'll even get one more solo at the very end that has a lot more aggressive tones to it. Blaring distortion will have you falling off your chair for sure.

The album closes with a song called "The Way Out Is The Way In" and this is definitely a must hear track. Calm beautiful guitars gently play in the background as depressive mellow vocals step in with a very light eerie sound effect on it. There is very light bass line in the background as well that barely fades in and out behind the bright keyboards that lead the way. About the three minutes into the track come gorgeous violins that layer over each other multiple times giving off a beautiful sound. You'll find yourself going back to this track just for the violins alone. It definitely gives you a very different sound then the rest of the album.

With all of the strange effects and odd sounding instrument you can tell that Spiral really reached for the stars with their creativity. They showed many different elements in "Mind Trip In A Minor" and you'll find that it gives a really refreshing sound. Each track flows perfectly into the next in which you won't even realize what track your on. If you're looking for some unique ambient art rock to get lost in then this is definitely the album for you!


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