Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tacit Fury - Horrors From Depth (2012)

A fairly new band has begun to rise from the shadows of Moscow, Russia known as Tacit Fury. This three piece has recently released their debut album, entitled "Horrors From Depth." The album contains 5 brand new tracks and one Sepultura cover song, "Territory." The band produces some pretty serious guitar riffs along with some exploding drum rolls and double bass pedaling.

The album opens with vicious guitar riffs in "Streets Of Rage." This is followed by relentless snares and thunderous double bass pedals. The rapid beats will definitely have you up and moshing. The vocals run over you with monstrous death metal growls with a choppy delivery. Towards the middle of the song you'll come across a wicked solo that runs up and down the musical scale. The drums follow through with detail fills as you're lead to a beast of a breakdown. Chugging guitars rip you to shreds as cymbals collide in the background. "Ignorance" keeps things going smooth with more melodic riffs in the beginning. Snapping snares will have you bobbing your head from beginning to end. The vocals continue with their harsh performance as they soar over the heavily distorted guitars. The only problem with the track is that the structure of the song is fairly basic and doesn't really lead you into anything excited. You may find yourself getting bored of the track about half way through. No worries though, skipping to "Frozen Wheel" is well worth the click. Double bass pedals smash you in the face with quick speeds that'll knock you out of your chair. The drums are definitely lethal in this track. On top of that, you're hit with wicked guitar work throughout its entirety. Melodic chugging riffs cut you in half during the verses. They also throw another wild solo at you towards the end of the song.

The excitement doesn't stop there. "Nausea" starts out a bit calm in the first few seconds however introduce some powerful chugging guitar riffs about a minute in. Complex drum fill rumble beneath you as hell raising growls come through and pound you into the ground. The guitars riffs in between verses contain short catchy melodies That will definitely grab your attention. Machine gun drum rolls take over in "St. Sanitarian." Overwhelming guitar riffs completely destroy you with deafening riffs. Meanwhile jack hammering double bass pedals roll through with insane speed and detail fills. You'll notice that the vocals have two sides to them in this track. They continue with the rough death metal growls however they also hit you with some black metal screams that will send chills down your spine for sure. Definitely check it out

Tacit Fury is more or less your average death metal band. The music is absolutely insane and heavy and the growls are powerful as well however they just don't stand out compared to a lot of bands who are already out there. "Horrors From Depth" is a solid album and well written however after a few listens I think it's time to move on. Definitely keep an eye on them and see is they get more creative in the future.


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