Friday, September 7, 2012

Ex Deo - Caligvla (2012)

As they shake the ground beneath you violently, Ex Deo has returned with another dynamite album. It goes by the name "Caligvla." This bone crushing album delivers nothing but exploding drum rolls, roaring vocals, and electrifying guitar riffs. This is only the bands second full length album but they sure do pack a punch with this one.

The album opens with "I, Caligvla" which has epic strings and horns that make you feel like you're entering in a parade in the streets of Rome. Distorted guitars come chugging in with monstrous riffs while horns light up the background with constant tunes. The vocals step in introducing themselves in a shouting tone. They then switch to violent death metal shouting and completely take over the verse. Heavy double bass pedal drumming rumbles beneath you with reckless thumping bass lines. The refrain throws more pounding guitar riffs along with overwhelming vocals and beating kicks and snares that'll have you up and moshing for sure. The strings step back in towards the end of the track adding more epicness to the song. This track will have you hooked and ready to go for the next nine tracks to go.

"The Tiberius Cliff" picks right back up with the powerful chugging riffs and aggressive vocals in the verses. Cymbals are constantly shattering in the background while double bass patterns roll through with complex fills. The vocals surround you with energy has they blast in your face with a harsh delivery. More strings and horns come back in with "Per Occulus Aquila." You'll find two growling vocals in this track. They layer on top of one another in certain areas adding build up to the refrain. The chorus has machine gun double bass pedals along with high flying strings and other orchestral instruments. They also hit you with an impressive guitar solo half way through the track which is the first real solo of the album. Notes hit you from every direction leaving you clueless as to where the track will go next.

Songs like "Pollice Verso (Damnatio ad Bestia)" and "Teutoburg (Ambush Of Varus)" really begin to step things up with the double bass pedaling. Both tracks shower you with jack hammering kicks and relentless snares that beat you into a pulp. The deep chugging guitar riffs will have you pumping your devil horns in the air immediately. If you're looking for some amazing death metal to blast in your car then these are the track to do it with.

Ex Deo has a similar delivery that Amon Amarth has only their music is a bit more darker and violent. "Caligvla" has some really catchy hooks and certain breakdowns will have you bashing your head automatically. The album provides electrifying riffs and thunderous drum rolls that will keep you addicted for days. And on top of that, the orchestration is absolutely incredible. Definitely give this album a listen. It's well worth the time.


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