Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kryptos - The Coils Of Apollyon (2012)

As we shine the stage light on the shadows of India we find a thrash metal band by the name Kryptos. This four piece band has recently come out with their new album, entitled "The Coils Of Apollyon." The album contains nine demolishing tracks that pound away at you from beginning to end. The delivery of the vocals remind me of the vocals from Mark Osegueda who's the lead singer of Death Angel. It's got a very harsh yet clean sound to it. Even some of the guitars have similar sounds to that of Death Angel.

The album opens with hell raising guitar riffs and thunderous drum rolls in "The Mask Of Anubis." Relentless cymbals crash violently as double bass patterns rumble beneath you. The verses contain devilish growls that will send chills down your spine from the minute you hear it. Definitely pay close attention to the drumming in between the verses. The wild snare and tom combination is absolutely mind blowing. Meanwhile rapid double bass pedals jump in and out with a booming delivery. You'll come across an insane guitar solo towards the end of the track that throws melodic notes at you from all angles.

The madness continues with "The Coils Of Apollyon." Fast tempos and speedy guitars will have your blood pumping. More complex drum fills collide in the background while the vocals soar over them with harsh tones. The refrain has a catchy ring to it as well as you will probably find yourself humming along to the guitar riffs. "Serpent Mage" has a similar build with its punching verses and catchy melodic chorus. The drums give you absolutely no time to breathe in the beginning as the track takes off with its detailed patterns. The melodies of the guitars will definitely have you coming back for more.

You're hit with machine gun chugging guitars in "Eternal Crimson Spires." Fast pace chugging guitars rattle your speaker while the lead guitar leaves a catchy tune on top. Meanwhile the drums are rocking away with complex snare rolls. The build up to the verse will have you at the edge of your seat waiting for what's next. The vocals come through with demonic growls and a strong delivery that hits you right in the face. The refrain contains some more catchy melodies and some outstanding guitar work.

Another big track that really stands out in this album is "Starfall." It opens with a soothing guitar melody as immediately grabs your attention. The drums slowly introduce themselves with splashing cymbals and snapping snares. The verse contains more aggressive growling vocals that will knock you out of your chair for sure. The layered guitars in between the verses are addicting as they play perfectly along side each other with a beautiful reverb effect. The solo follows soon after with more wild melodies that will hypnotize you deep into the track. On top of that you get an overwhelming breakdown that will have you throwing up your devil horns in no time. This track has everything and will definitely have you hitting the replay button.

Overall "The Coils Of Apollyon" gives you the hard hitting drums and blaring guitars that you're looking for in a thrash metal album. However a lot of their riffs do not sound very original. I kept thinking I was listening to Death Angel. In a sense I guess that's a good thing beause their quality and song structure was up to par, but in the world of metal you really have to get more creative if you want to stand out. Kryptos definitely has a lot of talent and a lot of potential in their music and I would keep an eye on where they go from here.


Official Site - http://www.kryptosindia.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/kryptosindia

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