Monday, September 3, 2012

Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned (2012)

In 1997, a band by the name Orange Goblin put out their debut album, entitled "Frequencies From Planet Ten." In 2012, fifteen years later, they have released their seventh full length studio album, entitled "A Eulogy For The Damned," and the band is still going strong. The four piece all the way from England has put out this outstanding new album that has ten tracks full of groovy heavy metal. They also list themselves as psychedelic and stoner rock which you'll definitely hear in their guitars and even certain parts of the vocals.

A burst of distortion hits you in the face in the opening track, "Red Tide Rising." Groovy guitar riffs rumble through your speakers with catchy tunes. Exploding snares and kicks follow with detailed rolls that lead you right into the verse. Aggressive shouting takes over with clear lyrics and a deafening delivery. The chorus will definitely have you hooked the first time you hear it. Upbeat guitar riffs pull you in as shattering cymbals surround you. The guitar solo towards the end will sweep you off your feet as a thumping bass line follows its foot steps with similar groovy melodies. This is definitely the way to open up such a monstrous album.

"Stand For Something" takes over with more wild guitar work and upbeat drums. The kick and snare patterns are absolutely mind blowing. The verses still have a harsh sound to the vocals however they have a little more melody to them as well. The refrain is absolutely catchy as hell and will definitely have you wanting to hit the repeat button immediately. The lyrics are simple and very easy to sing along to. On top of that, the guitars give off a real southern tone to the mix leaving you bobbing your head from front to back. Then you'll come across another ridiculous guitar solo that will completely knock you off your feet. Wild notes are thrown at you in every direction. This is definitely a must hear track.

If you're looking for a track to party to, "The Filthy And The Few" is the track for you. After the short intro of a movie clip, crazy guitars come flying in with reckless distortion. A solid mix of chugging riffs and wild melodies set the perfect scene for reckless partying. The drums beat you into the ground with relentless snares that will have you throwing up your devil horns for sure. This is a classic rock and roll kind of track that gets your blood pumping. "Save Me From Myself" is another awesome track with a a real hard rock kind of feel to it. The vocals come at you with aggressive lyrics and a catchy melody during the chorus. Meanwhile there is constantly catchy guitar notes be played in the background giving much detail to the track. Their complex riffs keep this track unique and interesting. Also the solo just tops everything off perfectly with wild melodies and crazy guitar effects. You'll definitely have it stuck in your head for days.

Later in the album you'll come across some heavy songs like "Death Of Aquarius" and "Bishops Wolf" which you'll definitely want to play with high volume and on some massive speakers. The bass lines and kick patterns are absolutely incredible and will rattle your whole house. Fast up beat tempos will have you up and moving for sure. The verses are short and to the point while the chorus's really stand out with blaring vocals and catchy guitar riffs. "Bishop's Wolf" only runs for four and a half minute long but it sure does pack a punch. Meanwhile your hit with crashing cymbals that collie violently in the background while the snare continues to beat you into the ground. They definitely make the album worth listening to all the way through.

Orange Goblin continues to deliver amazing music and keeps getting better and better. They clearly put a lot of work into "A Eulogy For The Damned" and it came out sounding incredible. If you're looking for some solid rock and roll guitars with some stoner metal influences then you should definitely take some time and check this album out. It's definitely going to be in my CD rotation for a while.


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