Thursday, October 25, 2012

Artist Profile: The Massacre Cave

Sometimes the best way to discover new music is to have it fall into your lap, literally. When the little white envelope arrived at the headquarters from the island of Eigg...

Sorry, a quick timeout for a geography lesson. Eigg is a tiny island off the coast of Scotland. Measuring about 5.6 miles long by 3.1 miles wide, there isn't a whole lot of space to move around. A main attraction while visiting would be a trip to the Massacre Cave, the actual site of a 16th century slaughter.

But back to the band, formed by brothers Joe and Ben Cormack, they are combining a keen sense of melody with some of the raw elements of thrash. Rounding out by the outstanding rhythm section of Pete Colquhoun and Jodie Bremaneson, the debut EP "The Ninth Wave" was a revelation. Despite the challenges of living on a remote island, this four piece is working wonders and bringing validity to a Scottish metal scene that has made a great splash this side of the Atlantic. In a recent interview, they talked about not only the ways their home has impacted their music, but the story behind the name of the band and album.With new songs in the making, and a freshly edited and premiered video for "Winds Of Death," you would be best suited to keep your eyes peeled for what comes next.

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